While Microsoft gives us a lot of tools to customize our system, we feel limited always. This is because the Windows space is wide enough to tweak and explore things. While we have limited Microsoft Store apps compared to Android and iOS app stores, few tools can significantly change. Here are they;

Best Apps to Customise Windows 10 Look

1.) Xpo Music

Xpo MusicIt’s like a mod app for Spotify, which integrates well into the desktop Spotify app by giving you more flexibility. Its modern UI takes off the sidebar and shows your music choices to pick favorites. Also, it syncs all your history with the Spotify apps of all clients. Try it here: Xpo Music.

2.) EarTrumpet

EarTrumpetIt’s known that Microsoft has set the audio volume setting at the end of the Taskbar. While we can go through the deep settings to find more like volume mixers, having them readily on screen, or like in Taskbar for quick access is always good.

Thus, to bring them here in Taskbar, use EarTrumpet from Microsoft Store, available for free. It replaces the default volume setting with the modern volume mixer. It works on all Windows 10 versions, including the Windows 10 ‘S Mode’.

Also, it has a hotkey facility for creating and using shortcuts for handling the volume mixer through the keyboard. This makes the control even easier if you’re more of a keyboard user than the mouse. Try it here: EarTrumpet.

3.) QuickLook

QuickLookJust as we’ve seen in macOS, QuickLook in Windows 10 does the same. It lets you have a quick preview of all the contents in a particular file that you’ve to choose to check. It’s interesting as it doesn’t need you to open the folder to see what’s within.

Instead, just hover the mouse pointer over the desired and click the spacebar to have a quick preview of items within. This works well with seeing documents and images, while GIF and large files may take time to load or buffer. Try it here: QuickLook.

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