Years after playing it around, Microsoft is finally bringing its Teams app to the Microsoft Store for easy downloading and installing.

To date, Microsoft has only set a different version of the Teams app in Windows 11 that can only run on a personal account. But a classic version that can handle both personal and professional accounts is coming to Store, which is currently downloadable through its website only.

Microsoft Teams App For Win10 and Win11

Microsoft is one of many companies that rushed to push a video conferencing app amid the COVID-19 breakout. Though it successfully did, it’s available only through the official website to download, for Windows 10.

For Windows 11, Microsoft made a separate Teams app integrated into the OS, which can only handle personal accounts. And Win11 users are forced to use a ‘classic’ Teams app like the Win10 users who download it through the website.

But soon, they can download the classic app from the Microsoft Store, which is scheduled to come in May this year. Available to both Windows 10 and Windows 11 users, this classic Teams app is capable of running both personal and professional accounts.

Although there’s a Teams app launched by Microsoft back in 2018, it’s exclusive to Windows 10 S users. This is made so since they’re barred from downloading apps other than the Microsoft Store. There’s a similar app made for Surface Hub too, which too can’t be run on a regular PC.

Well, the company has at least revamped the Teams app to add several features and improvements like – support for more languages to suggested replies on mobile, and the ability to force Together Mode to be viewed by everyone in a meeting. This is to ensure everyone in the meeting has the same experience.


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