A trace down by cybersecurity researchers on the operators of the Lapsus$ gang has revealed that a teenager from England is the mastermind behind this.

They have detected seven accounts relating to this group, where one among them was tracked to another teenager in Brazil. Although the boy in England was spotted as the main culprit, researchers cannot connect all the attacks to that teen.

Lapsus$ Gang Operators Exposed

In the last couple of months, a cybercriminal group called Lapsus$ has been making rounds in the cybersecurity community. In recent weeks, the gang has successfully breached major tech companies like Nvidia, Samsung, Microsoft, Okta, etc. in the recent week and has been leaking data to the public.

They’re said to be stealing data from a company’s internal accounts with stolen or purchased credentials and demand ransom not to leak it. They even go onto the extent of joining the zoom calls of their victims and taunt them to respond to their attacks.

As it turns out to be an infamous gang, cybersecurity researchers have tracked down the operators of this group by forensic evidence from previous hacks and the public information available. And this resulted in spotting a 16-year old teenager from Oxford, England, the main culprit.

There were about seven accounts identified in this search, which are associated with the Lapsus$ group, and one of them was traced to another teenager in Brazil. Some rival hackers have even posted the identifiable details of the boy in England and his parents too.

Although these details aren’t widely public yet, Bloomberg stated that the England teenager goes by his hacking name as “White” and “breachbase,” and been so fast that researchers initially thought the attacks were automated.

Starting with companies and people from the UK and South America initially, the Lapsus$ has been attacking entities around the world now.


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