For all those lovebirds locked in their homes distantly from partners, here’s a new app from. Facebook. Tuned from the NPE team of Facebook have come at the right time to help couples. This is just another private space app for couples to engage in each other as if we’re lacking chatting apps now. But, this new app has a scrapbook-like feed, option to create a private space and share media files like photos, videos, and even songs. It’s available for iOS users only as of now, that too, in the US and Canada.

Tuned - A Private Space for Couples
Tuned – A Private Space for Couples

The current pandemic is strong enough to hint us about an extension of lockdown. Thus, we all are recommended to stay at home, if not for ourselves, at least for the health of others. There are a lot of apps like Zoom and TeamViewer helping you to continue your work, but what’s helping you in missing your partner?

Enter Facebook’s Tuned App

Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team has just come up with a new service for couples called Tuned. This app is specifically crafted for couples and let them have their private space virtually. Partners can connect their Spotify accounts to share songs and even set their mood to let know the other how they feel. There’s an option for crafting and sending custom stickers and reactions.

It’s free and available in App stores of only the US and Canada! Being at initial stages, the NPE team may roll out an Android version soon if clicked, and spread to other nations. And if not, could be killed easily too. It’s easy for companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, etc to kill their innovations instantly if no scope is seen.

Download the app here: Tuned


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