Making the account access more secure, Facebook is adding yet another 2FA mode in Instagram. And this is through WhatsApp! An Instagram leaker has shared screenshots regarding this new addition, where a new option of obtaining 2FA code through WhatsApp is added in the security section of Instagram. While this is optional, setting any of the 2FA is recommended as a good security practice.

Instagram 2FA Through WhatsApp

With the ever-increasing cyberattacks these days, users are recommended to set additional security measures to be protected. And one such recommended practice is enabling of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). This tightens the security, as the additional verification code is obtained through offline mode, rather than online which can be intercepted.

In Instagram, Facebook has given users the option to set 2FA in two modes – either through an authenticator app or s text message to the registered phone number. Now, it aims to expand these options by adding WhatsApp too. This is tipped by Alessandro Paluzzi, who earlier revealed other Instagram features like chat rooms, affiliation program, post uploading support in the browser, etc.

Now, he shared screenshots of this new addition in the Two Factor Authentication section of Instagram’s security tab, where a user can choose any of the options to be more secure. Of course, setting up WhatsApp as your option requires you to grant permission initially, to link both the apps. Also, users should first get an SMS to set up this link.

And when done, they’d get the 2FA OTP to WhatsApp, which should be entered into Instagram before logging in to a new device. This would be surely helpful if leveraged, especially for high-profile accounts which are often targeted. As this is just a leak, for now, expect this addition to be rolled out as planned or dumped out in the future.


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