Taking on the popularity of Clubhouse lately is another American tech giant, Facebook. The social media company is testing an audio chat feature on Instagram, as seen by a developer. While nothing much about this is known yet, it’s also seen that Instagram is offering end-to-end encryption chats in one of those screenshots shared.

Instagram Having a Clubhouse Like a Feature

As we all knew how to craze the Clubhouse is creating lately with the new audio-only chat concept, many other tech companies are dipping their feet into this segment watching that. Since its astonishing success of the iOS app drawing several famous personalities, including Bill Gates, Clubhouse announced making an Android version of its platform.

Watching that, Twitter started testing its own version called Twitter Spaces, Xiaomi reinstated Mi Talk, and ByteDance, too, is planning something similar in its TikTok.
Now, Facebook is jumping into the action with its Instagram, as it’s found to be adding similar support in it.

As per screenshots shared by Alessandro Paluzzi, a developer, Instagram’s messages section has an audio button right beside the video call button. While it’s not mentioned what would happen if we tap on that, it could probably start an audio-only chat room and may let others join to hear it out. These could be random conversations, discussions on a topic, or an interview; lately, people are surely interested in this concept.

As Clubhouse is currently running on invite-only join-in, many other platforms from Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok won’t follow that suit. Instagram can surely pick up on this concept if launched since it’s so popular among influencers and celebrities compared to other platforms.

Besides this, Alessandro’s next tweet tells that Instagram is also extending support of end-to-end encryption to its chats, helping it gain users’ confidence, unlike its parent company, which struck several privacy lawsuits.


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