Are you fed up with your messy desktop screen but don’t have time to arrange the components in order? If yes, then a virtual desktop organizer is all that you need. Many of you may know about these organizers and have been using them for a long time.

Fences is a widely popular software for this purpose. However many users don’t like using it due to its lack of customization options. But what if we told you that there are many similar applications that you can use as Fences alternatives to organize your Windows desktop?

We have made a list of free desktop organizers to help you get a clean home screen. Using these applications, you can organize, manage or even hide icons on your PC. So, let’s take a look at them.

Best Fences Alternatives To Organize Desktops

  • Real Desktop
  • XLaunchpad
  • ViPad
  • DesktopShelves
  • Nimi Places
  • SideSlide
  • TAGO Fences
  • Deskspace

1. Real Desktop

Real DesktopIt is a unique software that makes your desktop look like a large room. The folders become tiles of the room. You can drag them and organize them according to your choice. Users can also merge a group of icons by dragging them together with the cursor.

Your desktop will get a new look with Real Desktop, giving it a 3D appearance. So if you want such an interface go ahead with it. The desktop organizer will also not take much of your storage space as it is lightweight.


2. XLaunchpad


If you want your Windows desktop interface to look like that offered by Macbook, then XLaunchpad will be a good option to choose. The software displays all your installed applications in a neat and organized way. So it is convenient to find the required application quickly.

In addition, there is a special icon that integrates all your desktop shortcuts. You can add or remove them as per your choice. Altogether XLaunchpad is a worthy alternative to the Fences desktop organizer.


3. ViPad

ViPadViPad is an amazing desktop organizer that stores all your icons and folders in a container-based interface. You will find tabs in the container that groups the icons according to their types. It becomes super easy to spot a specific icon using the ViPad.

Along with folders, you can also make shortcuts to web links, social media contacts, etc., and store them under specific tabs. Rearrangement of tabs is also possible. You can also use the search bar on the container to find your desired application.


4. DesktopShelves

DesktopShelvesThis is a fantastic Fences alternative that makes your desktop simplistic yet interactive to use. Desktop Shelves have a context menu where users can open any folder they want. All the folders are organized in cells according to their types.

A screenshot is attached to each shelf about its content, making it easy to locate. The organizer automatically arranges the files; you can manually rearrange them if required.


5. Nimi Places

Nimi PlacesIt is another container-based desktop organizer that you can use in place of Fences. Nimi Places has several containers where you can store your files and folders. You can add labels on the container to distinguish them from each other.

Moreover, each container displays a thumbnail of its contents. Nimi Places is also capable of translating the language used in the desktop interface. You can give this desktop organizer a try.


6. SideSlide

SideSlideThis desktop organizer is almost similar to its counterpart, Fences. SideSlide puts all icons and shortcuts in drawers to make them disappear from the screen. So it becomes visually pleasing for those who like a minimalistic interface.

Whenever you want to access the shortcut, just hover your cursor on the side of the screen, and the drawers will expand. You can create multiple sections inside the drive to group the icons according to categories.


7. TAGO Fences

TAGO Fences logo

Our next inclusion is TAGO Fences, a lightweight app that will organize your messy desktop. You can place shortcuts and application icons whenever you want using TAGO Fences. The application becomes lightweight as only the core features are included in it.

Moreover, there are several scrolls to adjust the sizes of the icons. You can also use it to change the background tile color and hide individual icons. All these features make TAGO Fences a versatile desktop organizer.


8. Deskspace

DeskspaceDeskspace converts text into a three-dimensional cube to increase the area for storing shortcuts and icons. For instance, Deskspace users get four desktop screens in place of one. They can, therefore, rotate and zoom the cube to access their required folders.

One can easily switch between one desktop screen to another by dragging the mouse cursor from one end to another. In addition, you can also use keyboard hotkeys to do the task. Deskspace gives your desktop a unique look and, at the same time, keeps it organized.



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