Google is expanding the delivery indicators in its Messages app to more people in the beta program, which helps to find out the sent message’s status.

Also, Google Messages is introducing a Profile feature to let users create a dedicated information page – which contains their photo, name and email address. The visibility of this can be restricted to you, your contacts, or everyone as desired.

Google Messages New Features

One of the many apps that Google is focusing heavily in recent times is Messages – a simple messenger that works both on carrier and data networks. Google has been pushing new updates to Messages regularly, making it a competitive alternative to other apps in similar space.

In this pursuit, Google is seen testing the Profile feature in Messages apps – reported by Esper’s Mishaal Rahman and a Reddit user later. As per the screenshot shared, users, can create their own Profile page with information like photo, name, and email address.

Are profiles finally coming? from UniversalProfile

This would let others check who you are (if the visibility is set to Public) or by your contacts (if set to Contacts Only), or just for yourself (Private)! This feature isn’t functional for everyone yet, but for a few in the beta version.

Aside from this, there are a couple of related notification options – ‘Notifications For New Contacts Found’ and ‘Notifications For Contact Updates’ – to let you inform about a new Profile found in your contacts or any changes made to them. Toggle them up when available to experience.

Further, Google is also expanding the delivery indicators to more people. Whenever you send a message, you shall see a circle appearing in the text box – indicating that the message was sent from your side, two circles – indicating the message was received by the other end, and two solid circles (color-filled) – indicating they’ve been read.


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