After testing them for a couple of months, Instagram is expanding the NFTs on its platform to over 100 countries now.

As announced by Meta’s boss Mark Zuckerberg, Instagram users in select countries will be able to send NFTs in their DMs and feeds and even use AR stickers in their status too. Further, the platform has added support for Coinbase and Dapper wallets, so users can import their NFTs from there.

NFTs on Instagram

Meta has been one of the many strong backers of cryptocurrency and blockchain concepts, with several of the company’s products already testing some byproducts. One among them is a nonfungible token (NFT) which is seen as the perfect digital form for almost any type of art.

And Meta’s Instagram is enforcing it strongly amidst the cryptocurrency market fall. Mark Zuckerberg announced that Instagram is expanding the support for NFTs to over 100 countries, specifically in Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and the Americas.

The platform tested NFTs in May this year with a handful of people and now launching it as a full-fledged feature. Users will soon be able to upload NFTs in their feed and send them among themselves in inboxes. Also, there are AR stickers coming.

NFT creators and collectors will be automatically tagged for attribution made by users. While you can’t buy and sell NFTs yet, Meta hinted that it’s working on something like that too. Aside from this, Instagram added support for Coinbase and Dapper wallets, too, besides the current Rainbow, MetaMask, and Trust Wallet.

In terms of blockchain where NFTs are hosted, Instagram supports Ethereum, Polygon, and more recently, the Flow platforms. Announcing these changes, Zuckerberg shared a childhood picture of him (as above) on a Little League baseball card, which too will be turned into an NFT soon.


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