Apple is reportedly switching the silent/ring key on the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro with a single button – as noted by 9to5Mac.

While it’s unknown how the company differentiates the phone’s silent/ring status with this new key, it’s known to be part of a larger change coming to the iPhone 15 Series’ physical design. This is noted alongside the volume keys being replaced for a single button, the iPhone 15 Pro, and possibly the solid-state ones.

Redesigning iPhone 15 Pro External Buttons

For years, Apple hasn’t been changing the physical design of its iPhone Pro models – with the handsets in this category bearing the same design and location of functional keys since iPhone 11 Pro. While this offers users familiarity with the Pro design, the community wants to change away for good.

As 9to5Mac reported, Apple is switching the traditional silent/ring switch on the iPhone 15 Pro with a single button! As for how this new key is going to indicate the phone’s status of being in the ring or silent mode is unknown.

Currently, iPhones in Silent mode show a small physical orange indicator in the switch, while the Ring mode doesn’t have this. Though it’s pretty helpful and not so objectionable, Apple may still want to change it. Further, the company is also reported to switch the volume buttons on iPhone 15 Pro with a single button – possibly a rocker style one or a solid button with haptic feedback.

Rumors on this have been in the wild, with many experts stating the new volume keys to be replaced with solid-state ones. Apple is already bringing the biggest change of all – replacing the lightning port with a USB-C type– complying with the new European laws. And with the phone’s launch still, months away from now, we may see more details as such pouring in regularly.


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