Using an Android emulator on your Windows PC will let you run Android apps and games without hassles, while this is not a new thing due to the availability of different emulators. But the reality is that; these emulators work, but sometimes they lag.

You’d observe that this is not a general issue because other apps run smoothly on your PC; Well, it might still be your PC and why is that? The simple answer is that your Windows PC doesn’t meet the requirements to handle such an emulator. Rather than worrying, we’ve listed the best lightweight Android emulators for Windows PC in this article.

Best Lightweight Android Emulators for Windows PC

Before you go out to download an emulator online. Considering the requirements to use such an emulator is very vital; a lot of emulators do work, but if your PC is low-end.

Your PC might experience lagging with the wrong emulator installed on it. Therefore we consider the best lightweight Android emulators listed in this article to be the go-to option for you.

1. LDPlayer

Speaking of popularity, high performance and the ability to run not just apps alone but games. LDPlayer is a very popular Android emulator that fits the description of a lightweight emulator.

best lightweight android emulators

Whether using a dual-core processor with 2GB RAM, you’ve found yourself the perfect tool to explore Android apps on your PC. LDPlayer has many features, it is very fast, reliable and resource-efficient.

LDPlayer is an outstanding emulator that lets you run Android apps and games; you can use gamepads and it supports keyboard mapping.

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2. MeMu Play

If your Windows PC runs on 2-4GB RAM; you might consider using MeMu Play. This emulator is one of the finest out there; you’ll get to experience high performance while running apps and games.

best lightweight android emulators

Regarding compatibility, MeMu Play is compatible with most high-end battle royale games like COD Mobile, Apex Legends, etc.

Packed with a lot of features, this is one of the finest emulators out there. MeMu Play is regarded as one of the best lightweight Android emulators for Windows PC.

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3. Gameloop

Formerly known as Tencent Gaming Buddy, Gameloop is an outstanding emulator for Windows users. If you’re focused on playing hardcore Android games on your PC, this emulator is recommended.


What features does Gameloop offers? It offers high-performance keyboard mapping plus on-screen touch controls. Open GL 2.0 or higher is required as well. You’ll game perfectly with Gameloop.

This emulator requires nothing less than 4GB RAM and a strong processor and with that provided, you can run any Android games and apps on your low-end Windows PC.

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4. NoxPlayer

Different compatibility modes have made Nox Player an outstanding emulator, able to run games and apps without breaking, offering modes like compatibility mode, performance mode and gamepad mode. Only a few emulators can come close.

NoxPlayer PC

With Nox Player, you can run multiple apps or games at once. This emulator runs on the latest Android OS, so there are high chances no breakdowns will occur.

Regardless of the task you want to use Nox Player for, it’ll handle it perfectly. Nox Player is one of the best lightweight Android emulators for Windows PC.

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5. Genymotion

Known for its great speed, high performance and ability to make testing apps easy for developers. Genymotion is arguably one of the fastest Android emulators, and you might not enjoy it for playing games, though.


But for running apps, Genymotion does great. It also handles games to be precise, but it’s not an emulator known to play high-end games.

Speaking of features, Genymotion is highly customizable, it has a GPS simulation feature; it also allows users to simulate different Android devices as well. Genymotion is one of the best lightweight Android emulators you can use.

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6. Droid4x

Drod4x share similar features with some popular emulators, talking about speed and reliability; you’ll find them all on this emulator. It has great features, a powerful screen recorder, plus the ability to navigate easily.


You can consider downloading an emulator like Droid4x on your PC. Most Android emulators don’t work with Windows 7, but Droid4x does. Consider speed, high performance and reliability when using Droid4x.

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7. BlueStacks

In the hierarchy of Android emulators, the BlueStacks emulator is quite popular as well, let’s say it’s a bulky emulator in most cases. It can also be a lightweight emulator, depending on what you use it for.

best lightweight android emulators

BlueStacks emulators offer some of the best features you’ll find on an Android emulator, it has Google Play Store integrated with it, you don’t have to download Play Store elsewhere.

When it comes to getting the best resolution and aspect ratio, there’s no limit to how you can customize that on BlueStacks.

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8. Andy

Andy hasn’t been updated for a while, therefore you might not get the best performance from this emulator if you’re targeting the latest Android apps and games. But for testing older apps, you can trust Andy to deliver perfectly.

Andy Emulator

Based on past user reviews, Andy is said to be a very fast Android emulator, very reliable for testing and running apps. It is a very simple emulator that works perfectly on Windows PC.

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Overall, these are the best lightweight Android emulators for Windows PC. With these programs, you’ll be able to run your favorite apps and games faster without any issues of poor performance or lagging.

These emulators are free, and they all have great features. So if your PC has less than 4GB RAM, any of the listed emulators will work perfectly.


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