LinkedIn has created a new platform called LinkedIn Marketing Labs to polish the knowledge of existing advertisers and onboard new ones. This contains six free courses aimed at making interested advertisers learn about marketing on LinkedIn. Ranging from Basic to Intermediate, they can be known by any at their own pace.

LinkedIn Free Marketing Courses

LinkedIn Announced 6 Free Advertising Courses For MarketersMarketing is an important field in any industry. Since online dependency for any business is rising, LinkedIn has introduced its own free courses to make interested advertisers learn about marketing on its platform.

Named as LinkedIn Marketing Labs, the Microsoft owned job searching platform has announced six free courses crafted by its internal expert team. Their works are based on looking for the best advertising on LinkedIn in various industries. Hitting the platform for the first time will ask you to define your goal.

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This could be running ad campaigns or doing media planning and strategy, or both. Choosing either of them will help LinkedIn direct you to the right learning materials. If not, you can click on See all learning paths to check all of them. There are six free courses currently, as below;

  1. Introduction to LinkedIn Ads
  2. Using LinkedIn’s Ad Targeting
  3. Reporting and Analytics for LinkedIn Ads
  4. Building a Full-Funnel Content Marketing Strategy on LinkedIn
  5. Using LinkedIn for Brand Awareness
  6. Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation

All these have their syllabus (which has to be covered) written in, the average time is taken for completing, and the learners’ levels. These courses are meant for introductory and intermediate learners and give a complete scope on marketing on LinkedIn.

Choosing a course will have an optional set of questions asked first to check your existing knowledge, and the main materials are a mix of both text and video lectures. And after completing all of them, you can take a quiz test to know how much you’ve learned.


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