Making its native browser and search more productive and exciting, Microsoft has announced many features are coming to Edge and Bing later this month. Notables include vertical tabs and improved startup times in Edge browser and dynamic results in Bing Search, including more visuals for appeal.

Microsoft Edge and Bing Gets New Features

As Microsoft is determined to take a chunk of Google’s Chrome market, the Windows maker is rolling out some exciting features to its Edge browser and the Bing Search later this month. These include;

Vertical Tabs

For users who have tens of tabs cluttered in their browser, now is the time to switch to Edge to manage them better. Edge users can soon shift all their tabs aside, placed vertically to make the active tab look clear. This was tested in Edge Beta build last year and now rolls out to a stable version soon.

Updated Edge browser will have an option at the top left corner to switch tabs from horizontal to vertical with one click and vice versa. Also, tabs can be muted, reordered, and pinned just like in horizontal view. Finally, Microsoft says this feature integrates well with Sleeping Tabs, reducing power consumption by 26%.

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Edge Startup Boost

Microsoft says the Edge browser will soon take less time to open. This startup boost improvement is calculated to be 41% faster than what time it is taking now.

Bing Search

Microsoft isn’t leaving Bing behind, as the native Search is improved to show dynamic results. This, like aggregating the in-depth topics to show major stuff from them, includes a more visually appealing image sling. For example, a search for a dish can show its images, ingredients, and recipes for making.

All these are announced to arrive later this month and may show up eventually to everyone from next month onwards.


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