Microsoft has announced yet another course to make developers learn to code. It has launched a JavaScript course for free on YouTube, where anyone interested can learn them. Learners will start with the fundamentals and eventually be guided on making their own “Hello World” app. The company is aiming to build a developer base for knowing their Azure AI systems.

Microsoft Teaches JavaScript Tutorials For Free

Microsoft Launched a Free JavaScript Course For Beginners On YouTubeAfter launching a free Python and Azure IoT course Microsoft has now launched yet another one – the JavaScript course. It says interested people, without needing prior knowledge on coding, can start learning the course. It’s available for free in YouTube itself, in the form of 51 videos with the title “Beginner’s Series: to the JavaScript“.

Made by the Microsoft Developer team, this program will help interested people to learn the fundamentals and coding in JavaScript ultimately. After all, JavaScript is in the top 10 popular programming languages according to TIOBE’s Index, thus being helpful in some way.

Starting with the basics like fundamentals, learners will be able to build basic web apps using the learned JavaScript concepts. The course goes deeper to teach learners about JavaScript frameworks like Google’s Angular and software development kits (SDKs).

Also, it can be assumed that the intent behind Microsoft teaching for free is to pull more developers into its community. The concepts taught in the course are sharply related to most of the Microsoft’s offerings like setting up a developer environment with Microsoft Visual Studio Code or installing Node.js is a JavaScript runtime.

Besides touching the extensive collections of software libraries and packages, learners here will be taught to make their own “Hello World” app at the end. Also, it teaches how to use JavaScript in AI tools, aiming at their Azure AI services. This is like teaching them on how to create bots using the Bot Framework SDK for JavaScript.


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