Microsoft, in its Build Conference held this year, announced a new course called Azure IoT Developer Specialty. This will be exclusive to developers as the candidates seeking to get certified in this should have hands-on experience in some of the IoT fields. And, though the course is free to self-learn, you can get an instructor taught to you by paying some more. And even if you’re self-taught, you gotta pay for the exam and be being certified.

Should-Have Qualifications

Microsoft New Azure IoT Certification Course is Now Free to Learn
Microsoft New Azure IoT Certification Course is Now Free to Learn

Microsoft has revealed many new developments like PowerToys Run, Keyboard Remapping Manager, Project Reunion, etc in its Build Conference 2020. Besides all those technical developments, the company has also made a course that’s free to learn. It’s specific for cloud developers, as the company needs someone who has experience in developing cloud and edge components of an Azure IoT solution.

Under this, the candidate will be working with data engineers and other stakeholders to make a business integration of Azure IoT solutions like making a device topology, connectivity, debugging, and security. Further, he’s also responsible for managing the device lifecycle, which starts from Setting up, configuration, and maintenance. All the managing and transforming of the IoT-related data pipelines is a part of this course.

Microsoft says the candidates should have experience in its Azure services that covers its all IoT solutions like data storage options, data analysis, data processing, and platform-as-a-service options. Further, he/she should be able to code in any of the Azure-supported languages like C#, Node, C, or Python.

After all, if learned all this stuff, the candidate will be permitted to a certification exam called AZ-220, which costs from $80-180 depending on the country candidate lives in. If passed, he/she will be a Microsoft Certified Azure IoT Developer. And as said, the learning materials are available for free. But if you’re not trying for self-taught, you can get a paid instructor too. Learn more about it here.

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