Microsoft started nagging Windows 10 users yet again – to upgrade to Windows 11 for new features and better experience.

In its latest attempt, the company started displaying full-screen pop-up of the notification: with options for downloading the update right away or remind users after sometime. Though there’s an option to keep running on Windows 10, it takes a handful of steps to avoid it.

A Constant Harassment to Upgrade

Microsoft is back with its frustrating practise of nagging users to upgrade. Users after updating their Windows 10 systems to January Tuesday update, has started seeing a full-screen banner – asking them to upgrade to Windows 11.

Well, some systems running on August 2022 update too are seeing this pop-up, so it’s possibly a server-side decision to force users to upgrade. Experienced users say they’re being presented a full-screen pop-up with an alert as “Now unlocked: You’re eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 11”.

While it’s usually a free upgrade for all genuine users of Windows 10, Microsoft just want to lure you by reiterating it. The popup has a Get it button to download the update right away (about 4GB), or an schedule option to remind later.

Also, there’s another option called “Keep Windows 10” right beneath them – but clicking it won’t make the banner disappear! Instead, it’ll take you to another page as “Introducing Windows 11”, which highlights several features you get if upgraded to that OS.

Some of which include a redesigned Start menu, tabs in File Explorer, new settings experience, Micorosft 365 etc. Though there’s a button to go Back, it won’t does what it says – and continues to follow on with other slides.

This happens for the next few clicks until you find “You’ll stay on Windows 10” page with a “Decline upgrade” button. Declining it then will only let you get back to your Windows 10 home screen.


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