Citing the Russian invasion against Ukraine, Microsoft today announced suspending all the new sales of Microsoft products and services in Russia.

Microsoft said it’s siding with the US, UK, and European Union governments of blaming Russia for this unfair attack, and will cooperate in all the sanctions levied against it. Further, Microsoft said it will help in defending the Ukranian cyberinfrastructure, and supply resources needed for the refugees.

Microsoft Dumps Sales in Russia

Microsoft joins the bandwagon of tech companies around the world, who decided to suspend services in Russia citing its unfair invasion against Ukraine in recent days. Calling Russia’s attack “unjustified, unprovoked, and unlawful, Microsoft today announced suspending all the new sales and services in Russia.

Companies like Google, Spotify, Namecheap, YouTube, and Apple have already terminated their services in Russia for the same reason. And with Microsoft joining, Russians hoping for the new hardware with Windows 11 or regular feature updates should feel sad. Besides this, Microsoft also announced the protection of Ukraine’s cybersecurity.

The company has already defended and reported on several cyberattacks against Ukranian organizations, both governmental and civilian, in the past few days. And they are proactively working with the Ukrainian cybersecurity officials to defend against Russian attacks.

Microsoft claimed acting “against Russian positioning, destructive or disruptive measures against more than 20 Ukrainian government”, IT, and financial sector organizations since the war began.

And, it continues to mobilize resources in helping the Ukrainian people. These include both technology and financial support coming from Microsoft Philanthropies and UN Affairs teams, towards the key NGOs in Ukraine.

And finally, Microsoft extended its support to all its Ukrainian employees, by being in constant contact for offering any support. This includes the necessary arrangements made for them to flee for their lives or safety if needed.


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