Mouse Scroll is used for scrolling up and down the page, but what if it does not work? You can use the keyboard to scroll the page, but the mouse is much more convenient. When you face such an issue, it is generally because of driver issues. Many times the issue may be encountered due to hardware issues as well.

Nothing to worry about if you are facing issues with mouse scroll. This article will guide you with troubleshooting steps to help fix Mouse Scroll not working in Windows 11.

Fix Mouse Scroll Not Working on Windows 11 

If you have been facing issues with Mouse Scroll on your Windows 11, then you can follow the steps given below to fix it-

1. Basic Troubleshooting Steps 

Here are some basic troubleshooting steps to follow before continuing ahead with the article-

  • Check whether the mouse is properly connected to the port or not. Also, ensure that the wire is not damaged; if so, you should replace the mouse.
  • Connect your mouse to another port, and then check if the mouse scroll is working or not. Many times, due to faulty ports, you may face this issue. 
  • The mouse scroll also may not be working due to low batteries. So, replace your mouse batteries with new ones to fix the issue. Do note that this is only possible for wireless or Bluetooth mouse. 
  • If you use a touchpad while using a mouse with your laptop, check if it is properly cleaned or not. If not, clean it properly and remove all the dust particles from it. 
  • Clean your mouse properly. Well, many times, dirt in the scroll wheel may also cause this issue. 

2. Connect Your Mouse Again

If you are using a wired mouse, unplug the cable from the computer and reconnect it after a few minutes. In the case of a wireless mouse, unplug the adapter and then plug it in again. But if you are using a Bluetooth mouse, you can reconnect it in the following way-

  1. Using the Windows + I keys, open the Settings app. 
  2. Click on the Bluetooth & Devices section.
  3. Click on the three dots next to the mouse, and then click on Remove Device. This will disconnect your mouse from the computer. remove device
  4. Click Add Device to connect the mouse again and follow the on-screen instructions. This will connect your mouse to the PC again.turn on bluetooth mouseClick-Bluetooth.
  5. The issue should be fixed by now, and if you still encounter it, move to the next troubleshooting step in this article.

3. Run Antivirus Scan

A virus in your system may corrupt some essential system files, thus causing such issues. If the problem is due to a virus, running an Antivirus scan will help you fix it.

You can run a Windows Security scan and fix issues caused due to viruses. In case you have a third-party antivirus on your system, you can use it to scan your PC.

  1. Open Start Menu, search for Windows Security and open it.Windows Security
  2. Here, click Virus and threat protection option and then click on Scan Options. Scan Options
  3. Now, select Full Scan and then click on Scan Now. 
  4. Wait for the scan to complete, and then restart your PC. Check if you still face the issue or not. 

4. Update and Reinstall Mouse Drivers

You may face this issue due to the outdated mouse drivers. You should try updating the mouse drivers and then check if the Mouse scroll is working in Windows 11 or not. To do so, follow the steps given below-

  1. Right-click on the Start icon and then click on the Device Manager menu.access device manager in Windows
  2. Double-click on Mice and Other Pointing Devices to expand it.
  3. Now, right-click on your connected mouse and then click on Update Driver. Mice and other pointing devices
  4. Click on Search Automatically For Drivers. Your PC will automatically update the drivers to the latest version, and the issue should be fixed.

If updating the mouse drivers didn’t help fix the issue, then reinstalling the drivers can also be a possible fix. You can reinstall mouse drivers by following the steps given below-

  1. Open Device Manager on your PC. 
  2. Here, expand the Mice and Other Pointing Devices section. 
  3. Right-click on the problematic mouse and then click on Uninstall Device. Click on Uninstall to confirm uninstalling the driver.uninstall mouse
  4. To reinstall the driver, restart your PC. Once done, the issue should no longer be encountered. 

5. Turn on Scroll Inactive Windows

When multiple app windows are opened for a long time, they may become inactive. This can be fixed by turning on scroll inactive windows. To do so, follow the steps given below-

  1. Open the Settings app on Windows 11. 
  2. Head to Bluetooth & devices section, and then on the right side, click on Mouse. 
  3. Here, turn on the toggle for Scroll inactive windows when hovering over them. Scroll inactive windows when hovering over them

6. Try Running Bluetooth Troubleshooters

If you are using a Bluetooth mouse, then you should try running Bluetooth troubleshooters. Many times the problem may be with the 

  1. Open the Settings menu by pressing Windows + I keys.
  2. Now, click on the System tab, click on Troubleshoot option, and then on Other Troubleshooters.other troubleshooters
  3. Click on the Run button next to the Bluetooth troubleshooter. Follow the on-screen instructions to run Bluetooth troubleshooters.Click on the Run button next to the Bluetooth
  4. Once done, reconnect your Bluetooth mouse to your PC and then check if the issue is still faced or not.   


These were some steps to help fix Mouse Scroll not working in Windows 11. This issue generally resides with connectivity issues between your PC and your mouse. You should try reconnecting your mouse to your PC, which should fix the issue. You can run a Bluetooth troubleshooter using a Bluetooth mouse, which will fix the issue. 


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