As Microsoft is hardening the efforts to make its Edge browser as default in Windows 11, a new tool is surfaced to block that from happening.

Named as MSEdgeRedirect, it can be installed and set Windows 11 to direct all clickable URLs to open in the user’s default browser, instead of Microsoft Edge. This is available for free, and the maker says it cannot be blocked by Microsoft that easily.

Tool to Block Microsoft Edge

Ever since Microsoft made a chromium-based browser – Edge, it’s working in every way possible to make the No.1 choice for users. And its best arsenal is the system OS it’s shipping in every non-Mac PC.

Every Windows 10 and 11 users will know the pain of avoiding Edge, as Microsoft is rubbing on their face in every way possible. From setting Edge browser as the default browser in Windows Search to Cortana, Microsoft has set Edge everywhere.

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In Windows 11, this became more intrusive as Edge is now made default in widgets panel too. But, the community always has a solution. And this is by using third-party software like EdgeDeflector, which blocks Microsoft from processing the URLs and redirecting them to the user-set default browsers.

But, this is now blocked by Microsoft in the latest Windows 11 build 22494, released last week. And this isn’t a mistake, as the maker of EdgeDeflector confirmed with Microsoft! As this is saddening, we now see another similar tool growing in popularity in the community – MSEdgeRedirect.

Made by Robert Maehl, the MSEdgeRedirect is made to handle the situation in a slightly different way. This is by filtering and passing “the command line arguments of Microsoft Edge processes into your default browser”.

The software is available for free and is easy to set up. Interested users can download the .exe file of MSEdgeRedirect, install and set the preferences in Windows 11. Maehl said Microsoft will not be able to block this tool so easily as it did with EdgeDeflector.


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