As businesses shift towards modern workflows, there is a significant increase in business tools. From CRM to logistics, everything is streamlined using business tools. An average business can use around 300 tools for its workflow and tasks. Even on paper, that is a lot of tools. 

So there is always a demanding role for business integration tools. MuleSoft is a platform that provides one of the best software integration services in the market. It is one of the reasons why it is so popular among businesses. 

However, MuleSoft isn’t the only platform available. Businesses can explore even better MuleSoft alternatives and get better features at a better price. 

For businesses, it is always essential that their business tools are properly integrated with each other. The entire flow of business depends on how seamless your integration is. So today, we are listing the best MuleSoft alternatives available. You can use these tools to create a smooth workflow by seamlessly integrating all your business tools. 

Best MuleSoft Alternatives

1. Cleo Cloud Integration 

Next up is Cleo Cloud Integration, a pretty famous integration service that many businesses rely on. The electronic data interchange on this tool is second to none. The tool’s complete transparency makes it easy for parties to understand their place.

Cleo Cloud Integration Another cool thing about the platform is the seamless user interface. With just the basic knowledge of the tool, you can do any number of integrations. There is also support for FTP logs. Since it is a cloud-based tool, accessing it becomes much easier. So you can use it. 

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2. Celigo 

For users who want speed, Celigo is the way to go. With its snappy data import and export options, the tool is one of the best MuleSoft alternatives. Then the interface of the platform is seamless.

Celigo It also has excellent mapping tools. Just like MuleSoft, this tool also has rich documentation. With easy connector options, the tool is worth trying. So make sure to check it out. 

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3. Jitterbit 

Many of you might already have heard about Jitterbit, as it is a popular integration tool. Many cool things about the platform make it an excellent MuleSoft alternative. The speed and support you get on this platform are unmatched, which is what people like the most about the tool. 

Jitterbit One of the best things about the tool is that it integrates with Salesforce. So if you are porting from MuleSoft, there won’t be any issues. The platform receives frequent updates making it an ideal tool for integration. So make sure to check it out. 

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4. SnapLogic

Talk about the best MuleSoft alternatives, and SnapLogic will be on the list. Although the platform provides seamless integration features, their in-house service reps win. There can be many new challenges when handling several tools, and the service reps help you resolve them. 

SnapLogicThen there is extensive community support on the platform, which makes it a nice option for businesses. You don’t have to be a coding master to use this platform, and there are pre-built automation requests that you can use. So if you are looking for a fast platform to integrate your tools, check this one out. 

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5. Zapier

For users who want a simple and seamless integration platform, Zapier is the tool to check out. It has a graphical interface and requires minimal to no coding, making it easy for businesses to manage their tools. Users can create automation requests called Zeps for many cases. 

ZapierThe data transfer is seamless with automatic updates and works in real time across all apps. The documentation on this platform is much more detailed compared to MuleSoft. Furthermore, the support is also excellent on the platform, making it an ideal choice for businesses. 

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6. Postman

Next up is Postman, and businesses widely use this tool for API management and testing. There are many options for API testing, and the results are quick. 

PostmanPlus, you can also track the entire history of testing. Another reason why Postman shines is importing and exporting API endpoints. The platform has an easy learning curve and can be deployed seamlessly. 

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7. Apigee Edge 

If you are looking for an integration platform that is easy to use, then Apigee Edge might be a good option. Apart from having a seamless interface, the tool has many great tutorials on GitHub

Apigee Edge The added security layer during API transfer is another remarkable feature of the platform. It is fast, easy to use, and offers excellent security features. So a tool worth checking out. 

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8. Dell Boom

Boomi or Dell Boomi is an excellent integration tool for businesses. The platform offers the most extensive connector options for any potential use cases. With a graphical interface, this tool is super easy for most users. 

Dell BoomThe platform offers a seamless API request tracking feature, which makes everything easy to manage. So if you are looking for a seamless business integration tool that is easy to use, Dell Boomi can be a great option. 

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