Some attackers don’t just hack for money, but for promotion too. Here’s one such group which is actively preying on popular accounts to promote themselves. OurMine, touting to be the best security provider for both individuals and corporates, has now hacked Facebook’s official Twitter and Instagram accounts.

OurMine Group Hacked Facebook's Twitter and Instagram Accounts
OurMine Group Hacked Facebook’s Twitter and Instagram Accounts


As people on Twitter noticed, Facebook and Messenger’s Twitter handles were temporarily hacked by OurMine group, and defaced them. Further, the group has posted few posts from those accounts boasting their security services.

This drama didn’t last long, as Facebook and Messenger accounts were soon retrieved. But, few followers managed to screenshot the posts made by OurMine from hacked accounts. OurMine is the same group that hacked last week’s NFL official account too. This incident happened right before the Super Bowl started. Besides, NFL detected that individual NFL team accounts were tried attacking too.

Legal and Professional

All the postings of OurMine group were done from the Khoros app, which is a social media tool used mostly by marketers online. Khoros spokesperson told ZDNet that their platform has not compromised during the NFL hacks. OurMine has a long history of hacking popular accounts. The group is responsible for hacking TechCrunch, BuzzFeed, BBC, WWE, Marvel, Netflix etc. Besides firms, it has also compromised celebrity account as Zukerberg, Jack Dorsey, Sundar Pichai, David Guetta, Drake etc.

Interestingly, all these defacing acts were done not to steal data or to ask for ransom, but just to publicise themselves! The group boasts about providing the best online security and vulnerability scanning for anyone. They’re doing this legally anyway, by taking payments in general methods and Bitcoin. Whatever it is, safeguarding yourself from such predators could be easy. Following some general security methods and regular antivirus scans could let your vulnerabilities that should be patched.


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