While the early users of Android 11 rejoiced for receiving the update soon, they’re now aggrieved by several bugs. Users of Pixel 2, 3, 4, and even 4a users are reporting issues of black screen flickers, unable to see recent apps on swiping up and camera crashes after updating to Android 11. Though few have come up with regular troubleshooting tips, all are waiting for a patch from Google.

Stable Android 11 on Pixel Phones Still Has Bugs

Google has released the Android 11 to several phones and made the source code public earlier this month. It bought us new features in privacy, multitasking, and easy navigations. While it’s appreciated by the community for numerous good reasons, it’s now being accused of undocumented bugs. Several users of Pixel phones like Pixel 2, 3, 4, and even 4a have reported bugs in Android 11.

They all have reported their problems in Android 11 support forums, Reddit, and Pixel forums that, they were unable to multitask since swiping up on the screen isn’t showing up the recent apps. Though users can set virtual navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen, some hide them and use on-screen gestures to navigate.

One like swiping up on the screen should show up recent apps. Since switching between apps is the core of multitasking, an unknown bug has hindered this productivity support. Though this was seen in Android 11 Developer Builds earlier, they’re ignored because of being betas. But, arising in a stable Android 11 build means a problem.

Also, few users have reported that their camera isn’t working after updating to Android 11. Especially, a Pixel 3a user complained that he is not able to store the photos he took. And switching to video recorder crashes the app. Some tried locking and unlocking the phone as a temporary fix to the multitasking issues, but the camera crashing has no workarounds yet.

Also, this cannot be attributed to the Android 11 issue solely, since a user who backported to Android 10 is still facing the problem. While there are few users suggested workarounds, for now, we heard that Google’s Issue Tracker that the company is working on this, and we hope it comes with a solution soon.


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