After all the undervaluing Microsoft is doing to Skype, the company isn’t letting it die peacefully!

Microsoft announced a new update to Skype that adds a bunch of new features and expands the current ones to more regions. And that’s not all; the new update refreshes the whole design of Skype on mobile clients, making it to suit the modern looks of current video call apps.

Skype’s New Update Catalog

For years, Microsoft has been prioritizing Teams over Skype in all manners. To show how undermining Microsoft’s efforts for Skype – the company hasn’t even bundled Skype with the Windows 11 OS while sticking Teams as a default chat app for both corporate and personal use.

As if this doesn’t enough, Microsoft is adding new features to Teams almost every month while pushing one major update to Skype every now and then. We’ve seen the last one coming to Skype over a year ago, and the OG video calling service is now getting another update with a bunch of new features. Here are they;

First up is a new colorful header with a variety of themes that work on both light and dark modes throughout the app. And then, there are colorful illustrations shown during the setup process, making it more lively. Further, Skype gets new contrast themes for accessibility, which makes the app even more usable for low-vision users in one layout.

And a big one of all – Skype is getting a real-time translation of audio that sounds similar to your own voice! And then there’s a new Today tab to see the latest news around you and share buttons to share them with your friends. You can personalize this news feed by choosing your preferred topics at the setup.

While Microsoft didn’t mention when this update would be rolling out, make sure to update your Skype clients whenever available, as you may not be seeing another update soon.


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