Why choose Python programming for kids? The Python language is pretty readable in a way that translates well with children. There will always be children who prefer a more mathematics-based language, but some may grasp a readable programming language a little more easily. That is why you should consider teaching Python to your children or even people who have never coded before.

I Was Raised on Basic

Basic or new Visual Basic.NET is still widely used, and there is nothing wrong with teaching your children how to use it. However, Python is also an easily readable language good for beginners and is perhaps a little more popular than Basic. On the other hand, if you or your child are struggling with Python, there is nothing wrong with learning Basic.

Do People Hire Python Programmers?

Yes, people hire Python programmers, but the employment and freelance world is weird when it comes to it. Developers and private companies will have their preferred programming languages, and sometimes it is Python, but most times it is not.

However, they will have a team of experts who have a smattering of Python, but their current or upcoming projects require a Python expert, so they hire you. In the freelance world, it works a little differently. In that world, somebody has a problem or a solution they want to create, and you suggest the solution using Python. 

It is a Good Gateway to C++, C# and Even Java

People will always argue over which is the best language, and many have their own merits, but “Python” is a pretty good starter language. People who understand Python are often more easily able to move into C++, C# and Java territory. It is a little like how people who understand CSS are better suited to learning HTML.

A Good All-Rounder

Saying Python is a good all-rounder is an excellent way of saying that many different market sectors and industries have found a use for Python programming. It can be found in web frameworks, automation scripting, gaming, etc. A person who knows only Python may not be able to kick open any door but knows Python does crack many open doors in a wide variety of business and design areas.

A Language That is Still Growing

In other words, some languages are doing fine, some are fading into history, and some are reasonably popular with room to grow. Python sits in the latter category.

It is reasonably popular at the moment, and it is not dying. It is still growing at a slow-but-consistent rate. As a result, it is an excellent language to learn. You are not wasting your time on a language that may be dead in a few years.

Plus, if you also learn JavaScript, you open a massive number of doors in the business world. Some people can have full and successful careers knowing just Python and JavaScript.


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