Expanding more its free services, Truecaller has today announced Call Reason, which will tell users why someone’s calling. While this feature remains mostly numb for personal calls, institutions can get more leads if they leverage it well. Further, the company has also announced the SMS rescheduling and SMS translations to be more helpful.

Truecaller Can Now Translate Your Texts!

Truecaller has got all the power in the world to be the number one phone caller app. As a phone number directory, the platform lets users lookup of phone numbers for free and has added several new features to be as a native app on every phone. This includes the introduction of payments, which had an unfortunate start in India, though.

Yet, it was applauded for many other features like the recently launched Caller ID, which tells who’s calling and what basis. This also shows how frequently the caller has been doing and how many people have reported them as spam. It has grown so sophisticated that it started displaying the Caller ID even before the phone rings!

And now, adding to these fantastic features is the new one – Call Reason. It will let Truecaller users set a message to be displayed to the receiver when called. It is helpful for both parties since the caller can increase the pick-up rate, and the receiver will know why someone’s calling in beforehand.

This is highly beneficial for new and unknown callers and institutions to set a custom message to increase engagement rates. While this is available for Android users now, it will be available for iOS users next year. Besides this, Truecaller has also announced SMS rescheduling and SMS translations.

While the rescheduling feature helps users schedule a text message for sending later or reminding themselves, the translation support will convert the messages in other languages to desired languages.

Besides SMS, this even works on instant messages too, and be able to detect the received text automatically. This feature is powered by Google’s Machine Learning kit, which keeps and translates all the messages on the phone only leaking to anyone. Users can download additional languages to use them for offline translation. Both these features will be available for Android users only.



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