An edit button on Twitter is by far the most requested feature – where the company finally agreed to make some time this year. As we’re nearing the end of 2022, Twitter Blue gave us a glimpse of what this feature would look like.

Twitter Blue posted and edited a test tweet today that has a badge saying “Last edited” with the time and date mentioned of its last modification. Tapping on it will open the editing history to what changes were made to the tweet for better understanding.

Edit Button on Twitter

Even amidst the courtroom battles with Elon Musk over its acquisition, Twitter didn’t stop working on its platform experience. The company has rolled out a number of features recently, like the new Report scheme, Podcasts in Spaces tab, etc.

Now, we may soon see the edit button coming to the platform as promised. To date, this has been the most asked feature by the Twitter community, and the company said it’s finally working on one in April this year.

Though we had a number of leaks referring to how this would look like, here’s an official view from Twitter Blue – Twitter’s premium subscription account. As you can see above, a test tweet made by Twitter Blue is edited to show the community what it’d look like.

We can see the “Last edited” tag right beneath the tweet’s text, associated with the time and date on it. Clicking on it will take you to the version history of edited tweets – giving you more information on what has been modified.

Well, Twitter has previously said that editing tweets are something that will only be available to Blue subscribers, but we assume it to gradually roll out to everyone, considering its need.

But if you want to try early, you may subscribe to the Twitter Blue plan, which costs $4.99 and comes with a range of features like custom app icons, the ability to undo tweets, ad-free articles, bookmark folders, and access to other experimental features.


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