Team Win Recovery Project has released a new version of v3.5.0, which has bug fixes, improvements, and mainly, support for Android 10 based devices. Users now porting to a custom ROM will now be shown two Android 10 and Android 9 to be chosen. Also, few developers are working to support Android 11 too!

TWRP New Update Supports Android 10 Devices

TWRP v3.5.0 Brings Custom ROM Support to Android 10 DevicesMany users who aren’t satisfied with their native system softwares lookout for custom builds in community forums. XDA developers are one such place when Android users of almost any brand can get custom ROMs, wallpapers, and other software support. Members of this group have now come up with an updated TWRP application.

Team Win Recovery Project, or popularly TWRP, is a tool that handles the new software flashing process in a handset. It makes sure that the process is going safe, with tools for backing up data and other recovery support if anything goes wrong.

This go-to tool has now been upgraded to version 3.5.0, which has few feature improvements, bug fixes, and Android 10 support.

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The last one is significant since many devices are now coming with Android 10 out-of-the-box. TWRP v3.40 has many limitations to such devices, like the dynamic/logical partitions in AOSP 10 weren’t fully implemented. With the new update, all these limitations are removed and lets Android 10 device users flash eligible ROM safely.

This was brought by XDA developers Captain_Throwback, mauronofrio, and senior members noahajac and AndroidableDroid. They have re-written the critical section of TWRP code to make this support available.

You can download the updated version of TWRP from Playstore here, and for current users, you’ll see a notification to update. Users who’re flashing a new ROM will be shown two options of android-10 for Android 10 based devices and android-9.0 for the rest running Android 9 and below.

Two XDA senior developers, Dees_Troy and bigbiff, have started working on Android 11 support of TWRP. As of now, here’s the full changelog of TWRP v3.5.0 and a link to download the app to your device.


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