As always, the US is accusing Huawei of spying through its devices. A new report from the Wall Street Journal explains how Huawei maintains backdoors in all its telecom products across the globe. As US officials spoke to WSJ, they’re claiming their accusations to be true backed up by evidence. Responding to this, Huawei believes US accusations are promoted by geopolitical tensions between the nations.

New and Confident

Fresh reports from WSJ reveals few US officials speaking about Huawei’s illicit access to consumer’s sensitive data through its products sold around the world. Though this allegation seems usual, it’s now more specific than ever.

Huawei can spy on mobile networks
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The US too security officials claim with intelligence reports that Huawei has set such backdoors for a long time. Robert O’Brien, National Security Advisor told WSJ that,

“We have evidence that Huawei has the capability secretly to access sensitive and personal information in systems it maintains and sells around the world.”

Though the US being confident, everyone assumes these new allegations too are a part of discouraging the Chinese vendor dealing with the world’s technology. Like the US, in May last year has passed an executive order barring all its domestic firms to cut ties with Huawei, which led the Chinese giant to develop its own OS and other technologies eventually. Yet, it’s still accessed for being a Chinese spy on the world.

Huawei’s Response

As usual, Huawei declined US allegations. Andy Purdy, Huawei’s Security Chief told Verge as,

“The US is committed to this, and I think it’s really prompted by the geopolitical situation between China and the US. The US is unwilling to consider the facts and the evidence, and they’re going to do whatever they can to block our ability to provide products to communication networks around the world.”

This revelation could be a big blow to all those nations which contracted Huawei to craft their 5G technologies. The list includes the UK, which recently appointed Huawei to supply its non-core 5G equipment.


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