In September this year, Instagram admitted that it knew some of its users are underaged, and most teens are suffering from depression and other mental stress by using its platform.

While it also highlighted the moves it’s making to combat such things, lawmakers aren’t satisfied much. Thus, a group of US states is now launching an investigation into how this issue, to find out further and end anything found troublesome for good.

Investigation into Instagram

US Lawmakers Launched Investigation into Instagram

Aside from video games, social media platforms face a fair share of addiction accusations from parents and lawmakers and are subject to many regulations for the public’s good. Yet, some companies try cashing on their users, even though it’s harming them.

One such company is Instagram, which admitted in September this year that it knew, most of the teens on its platform face depression and eating disorders. All this is due to addictive usage and comparison with others.

Though the platform cited various points on how it’s handling issues like bullying and supporting people struggling with suicidal thoughts, self-injury, and eating disorders. Yet, lawmakers aren’t satisfied with the comeback and have now decided to investigate deeper to know more.

As per reports, few US states (both Democrat and Republican) have started an investigation into Instagram and the Meta to check whether if the platform is breaking any consumer protection laws. This was first revealed by Massachusetts Attorney General, Maura Healey, as she tweeted as

“Facebook, or Meta, has known Instagram is linked to depression, eating disorders & suicide among young people. We will identify if any laws were broken and end the abuse for good.”

Instagram has rolled back its plans for launching a kids version of Instagram, to target underaged kids. And lately, it introduced a video selfie verification method to thwart new fake accounts from growing.


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