No wonder you have been tempted to a video while browsing social media or YouTube. But failed to find its audio version. Well, it often happens to us – we don’t need to worry a lot about the same.

In that case or another, all you need is mp3 converter software. An mp3 converter will help you extract the audio for further listening. Here is our best video to mp3 converter for pc for easy use.

Best Video to MP3 Converter for PC

You will get plenty of results when you look for the best free video-to-MP3 converter on the internet. However, all apps will not work properly.

As a result, you will end up with irritation. But not to look other while we have sorted out the best video to MP3 converter for you.

1. VLC Media Player (Windows, Mac, & Ubuntu)

VLC Media player

On top of the list, we have the most popular and highly rated VLC Media player. Continuing its legacy over the decades to entertain.

VLC is primarily used for playing any multimedia files. Since it supports all multimedia files, users don’t get upset. Besides media playing, you can take the help of this app to convert a video into MP3. You can also convert an online streaming video into MP3 without much effort.

2. Any Video Converter (Windows & Mac)

Any Video Converter

As its name suggests, Any Video Converter is a suitable app for converting a video into MP3. Thus, it does support a wide range of video and audio file formats, and you will not face any problems further in converting any video.

The app can extract the audio version from DVD folders, discs, DVD ISO files, and local videos. You can also convert a video from a URL. One of the key highlights of the app is that the app is fast.

3. WonderShare Uniconverter

wondershare uniconverter

WonderShare Uniconverter is one of the best videos to mp3 converters for PC. Generally, the app helps you to convert a video to an mp3 format effortlessly. However, you can also compress, convert, transfer, and edit a video with Uniconverter.

One of the best things about the app is that the app supports more than 1000+ file formats. Moreover, converting won’t overwhelm you because of the one-click download file.

4. Movavi Converter (Windows & Mac)

Regarding the best video-to-MP3 converter for windows and macOS, we have Movavi Converter, which needs to be mentioned. Movavi Converter helps us to convert a file into a 180+ file format.

The ultimate converter app is not only for video converters; you can also edit, merge, add subtitles, and compress your large video without quality loss. All you have to do is upload a video file into the app. Boom! you got your desired version of the file.

5. Handbrake


Handbrake surely deserves a respective spot on our list of audio converter software for PC. Since the app is open-source and free to use, this could be an ideal choice for Windows, Linux, and macOS users.

The app lets you convert video and audio files efficiently. One of the common problems is that the app does not have a dedicated audio extractor. But it is really useful enough to complete the job.

6. VSDC Free Audio Converter

vsdc audio conerter

Are you looking for a perfect audio extractor app? There is no other choice than the VSDC Free Audio Converter app. The feature-rich app is one of the simplest ones to use without hassle.

You can easily convert and edit any audio format to another format using the app. After all, it supports MP3, M3U, MOV, WMA, ASF, MP4, RM, and RA file formats. That is an important talking point of the app.

7. FFmpeg

ffmpeg audio conversion

FFmpeg is another powerful open-source platform for video-to-audio conversion. The app works like CMD software, so it is quite hard to run efficiently. If you can operate the app, it could be a threat to any other app in this genre because of its flexibility and speed.

With the app’s help, you can convert a video into MP3 format in just a moment if you input the right command. Once you start using the app, no matter what, you will be used to the app.

8. Y2Mate


If you are looking for an absolute solution to get the job done in the first place without having standalone software on your PC. Then there is no match to Y2MATE, which is a web-based platform. You can take help to convert your video into audio format.

You just need to paste the link of your video, and it will fetch automatically. Once you select the file format, you are ready to download it.

9. WinX Video Converter (Windows & Mac)

winx video converter

Winx is another simple and handy converter tool on our list. You can easily convert video files to an audio format using the app.

Besides converting, you can also compress a video which can help to reduce the file size. Even you can cut and merge a video.

10. Free Video Converter

free video converter

Last, we have Free Video Converter, one of the best free videos to mp3 converter apps.

Its simple and intuitive interface allows us to convert video files into any audio format, just like others. All in all, Free Video Converter is a simple app to finish your job in the first place.

Final Words

That’s wrapped up: this is everything you need to know about the best video to mp3 converter for PC. Now everything is easy for you. But which one would you like to install on your system? Let me know in the comment section.


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