Whatsapp Business is getting a new feature that allows the users to make a purchase within the chat. The users can now shop for goods and services from the chat window itself. The app will add a new button in the chat with which you can make a purchase of any goods.

Now Buy Goods Directly From Whatsapp Business Account

Shop Button in Whatsapp Business

The Facebook-owned platform Whatsapp has posted a statement where they announced about this new feature in Whatsapp Business app. The statement says there will be a new button in the chat, which lets users shop for any products.

And it also said the users of Whatsapp Business could give catalogs to the customers from the chat screen and allow them to buy anything from whatsapp.

As of now, the Shop button feature in Whatsapp Business is live globally but not available in India. Soon, the Shop button will be available in India also.

The statement reads,

“We will expand ways for people to check out available products and make purchases right from a chat”.

The company is expecting that this new feature will help many small businesses. With this new feature, the users can add items to the cart and purchase the products from the app itself. No need to open any other app or site. Whatsapp wants to make it easier for businesses to mix these features with their existing e-commerce plans.

According to the news, the new Shop Button will be available at the top right corner of the screen where we see the call button. In the normal whatsapp account, besides the call button, there is a video call option, but in the business account, you will see a shop button.

In the statement, Whatsapp said, every day, more than 175 million people message on Whatsapp Business account. So, according to the research, most of the people sent messages to people to get help.

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