In its latest beta version of Android and iOS, WhatsApp has introduced support for displaying ETA in document sharing.

With this, users will see the progress of a downloading file, indicated in percentage and estimated time side by side. This feature has been available for WhatsApp for desktop beta clients for a while and is now coming to iOS and Android beta versions.

Document Sharing ETA in WhatsApp

Over the course of time, WhatsApp has been widely used for texting and sharing media. These could be documents, contacts, photos, videos, etc. And the platform has even started testing sending large files upto 2GB too. Though it’s welcomed, a status bar that’d define how much time it’ll take could also be more helpful.

So it’s coming soon! As per WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp is bringing the ability of “Document Sharing ETA” to its iOS (v22.8.0.74) and Android beta (v2.22.8.11) clients. WhatsApp will now display an ETA (estimated time of arrival) of a document. This is currently available in WhatsApp for the desktop beta app (v2.2209.3).

whatsapp eta
Image Credits – WABetaInfo

This shows up right beneath the document message bubble, with a percentage of how much download/upload is done and the data uploaded/downloaded. This could help users, especially those in Argentina with whom the 2GB file sharing is being tested, organize activities accordingly.

WhatsApp has been testing many features lately, including the new camera interface, emojis reactions, and voice message playback in the background. And now, the document-sharing ETA could make the platform more appealing to users, who otherwise are migrating to rival messengers with these features already available.


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