As per new reports from the WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp will soon drop support for iPhones running on older iOS 9. While there could be very few iPhones of such, like the series 4 models, WhatsApp will anyway dump them in version, which will be rolling out soon for both Android and iOS clients. Also, the Archives section has its UI revamped.

iPhones Losing Support to WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an essential app today on everyone’s phone. Facebook’s realization of its scope and buying it early didn’t disappoint it but was facing a lot of privacy issues regularly. This included the recent policy changes made to its terms of collecting data and sharing with Facebook.

This move has raged users and drove them to listen to the words of Elon Musk, and installing apps like Telegram and Signal. Though these apps had their best time early this year, WhatsApp still stands as the market leader in instant messengers, as it’s having over two billion users. Now, it’s reported that WhatsApp may soon drop support for devices running on iOS 9.

While it’s most likely an outdated OS, iPhones like iPhone 4 and 4s may still be running on iOS 9, and will soon face the fate of losing WhatsApp if they remain without upgrading. This was reported by WaBetaInfo, who has a track record of leaking new features from WhatsApp through Beta builds.

This is said to be happening in the future when WhatsApp pushes its latest version of, and devices running on iOS 9 will not able to run WhatsApp. While this hasn’t been updated on WhatsApp’s FAQ page, things are likely going to change as said for security precautions.

Also, it’s reported that the Archives section in WhatsApp will have its UI revamped slightly, and put above when there’s a new message. Activating this is optional, and will store archived chats in a separate section at the bottom of all chats.


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