Microsoft has just released a new beta update to those in Windows Insiders that contain a number of new features and bug fixes.

Some of these include the long-tested full+screen widgets, where you can place all the tiles across your screen for better access. Plus, there’s a new energy-saving recommendation and bringing the Windows Studio Effects to Quick Settings.

New Features in Windows 11 Beta

All the Windows 11 users running in Insider builds Beta version can now get upgraded to build 22623.885 or 22621.885 – depending on whether you’ve selected receiving new features or not. Even if you haven’t, you can see some of the below features appearing as a part of the update.

The first one is the wider widgets support on the latest Windows 11, where users can now wish to keep their widgets flocking all over the screen. All you need to do is just click on the arrows in the top-right to toggle between full-screen and regular. This support has been in testing in the Dev channel for a while and now comes to the Beta channel.

Aside from this, there’s the Windows Studio Effects brought down to Quick Settings for faster access. To the unknown, Windows Studio Effects is a pack of AI tools made by Microsoft which enhance several aspects of your Windows experience.

For example, users can blur the background on a call, suppress background noise, and even correct their eye positioning while on call. Enabling this will make your eyes look at the camera even though you’re looking elsewhere.

Well, this package will only run on certain supported systems like a Surface Pro 9 with 5G, or others, as mentioned by Microsoft, having a “supported Neural Processing Unit.” All this time, this has been deep in the Settings app, which is now brought into Quick Settings.

And lastly, there’s an energy saving recommendations where your Windows 11 system will suggest certain tricks to save power consumption. Applying it will enable all those suggestions, with some being setting your PC to turn the screen off sooner, using a dark mode, or stopping the USB devices when the PC goes to sleep.


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