A senior product manager at Microsoft had accidentally posted a screenshot of the new Notepad app on Windows 11, which has a Tabs feature.

Though it was soon deleted, it’s evident that Microsoft may soon come up with this support for all the native apps on Windows 11. When available, it’ll let users open multiple files on one Notepad app with several tabs placed aside from each other.

Tabs in Notepad on Windows 11

Similar to what we have in the File Explorer app on Windows 11, Microsoft is internally testing Tabs support for the Notepad app. This was briefly showcased by a senior product manager at the company on Twitter – and deleted shortly thereafter.

Windows 11 Notepad is Getting a Tabs Support Soon
Image Credits – The Verge

Well, Windows enthusiasts and a few blogs (1) had got their hands on the tweet before it was deleted and detailed how this would be. As per the screenshots leaked, the Tabs support on File Explorer will look similar to what we see in File Explorer now and let users have multiple works done in different tabs.

The leaked Notepad screenshot included a Microsoft internal warning: “Confidential Don’t discuss features or take screenshots”, suggesting that the company is still in early internal testing. When done, this will be the first built-in app to get a tabbed interface outside the File Explorer.

Microsoft tried this earlier with the Sets feature in Windows 10 but canceled it eventually. When testing, Microsoft has added tabs to all the native apps, like Notepad and File Explorer, that’d let users have multiple tabs for better usage. Though it was canceled, Windows power users have used several third-party apps to trigger this function.

Well, these may not be needed now, as Microsoft is officially reworking it. As per reports and the current leaked screenshots, the company may roll out this support to Windows Insiders early next year and others later the year.


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