There’s a clear trend of users moving from Windows and macOS to Linux distros lately. And this journey is fueled by the dissatisfaction and limited capabilities of those two giants. Linux distributions as ZorinOS are no less than Windows, and even giving more options to customize and better security. The developers of ZorinOS have released the new version 15.2, which has support for more hardware, improved security, etc as notables.

Though Linux itself is cool, it’s hard for a normie or a beginner to handle the extensive platform initially. That’s when several Linux distributions as Ubuntu, Mint, ElementaryOS, ZorinOS, etc stepped in, making the journey of users from Windows and macOS to Linux smooth and interesting. With respect to the latest development of such distribution, ZorinOS has rolled out its new version named v15.2. This contained new features as below:

Zorin OS 15.2
Zorin OS 15.2

New Features

It’s got major improvements in terms of core technologies and software stack, making the experience faster and secure.

Improved Security and Additional Hardware Support

This new version will be running on Linux Kernal version 5.3, thus receiving the latest security patches timely. This tightens the portal and leaves no holes for leakage or unauthorized access. Further, this up-gradation has extended support for more hardware devices as

  • AMD Navi GPUs, including the Radeon RX 5700
  • Intel 10th generation processors
  • Newer MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboards and touchpads

New apps

Improvements in LibreOffice and GNU

Updating to this new version will eventually update the pre-installed packages to the latest versions. Further, new versions of the GNU Image Manipulation Program and LibreOffice are introduced.

How to download

Downloading this update is pretty simple. A current user can update from Latest Updates from Software Updater in your settings. If not, a fresh installer can download from this link directly – ZorinOS v15.2. On the other hand, ZorinOS Ultimate (paid) users can download this update from the download link of their original purchase email.

ZorinOS was well received by the community since its inception. The initial version of ZorinOS, v15 was downloaded over 900,000 times in just a span of nine months. Interestingly, two in three of those downloads came from either Windows or macOS users, showing how attractive this Linux distribution is.

Via: Zorin Group


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