Every major tech out there is responding to COVID-19 breakout. We’ve seen Alibaba, Google, NewsGuard and now Apple finally. The iPhone maker has finally unleashed a website and an app serving the authentic updates about Coronavirus from reliable organizations. This includes procuring details from CDC, WHO, and others. Both the website and app are accessible from now and would help people know the symptoms, precautions to be taken and others.



Made in association with authorities

We’ve seen tech firms fighting against misinformation about COVID-19 and pushing credible sources ahead to enlighten people. Entering this pursuit lately is Apple, which has just made a website and an app in partnership with the US Center for Disease Control (CDC), FEMA and White House Coronavirus Taskforce.

Apple Official COVID-19 Website & App

Apple says this new service would help people to get answers for symptoms, risk factors, recent exposures, etc. For the data that’s fed in, they’d get recommendations from CDC directly on why to do next. These could be steps about social distancing, close monitoring of evolving symptoms, isolating, the right time for testing and others. Pulling off the signup or creating an account ritual made this service accessible by the public rather than just Apple users.


Alongside the specially crafted website and app, Apple’s tuning Siri too for helping people out. Asking a question as “How do I know if I have coronavirus?” would return you results from CDC and telehealth apps available in Appstore. This screening tool is really pushed by Apple to be a prime source of genuine information, as it even requests users to let access notifications to ping whenever there’s news.

Source: Apple


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