Today, as most of our private data is collected by servers, it is hard to maintain Privacy. Everything, including our emails, passwords, and even our search histories, is no longer confidential.

At such times, it becomes important to look out for different ways to maintain our anonymity. And here when comes the Dark Web Browsers. These browsers can protect your privacy and keep you safe from Government eyes!

What is a Dark Web Browser? These browsers happen to contain much more information than any normal web browser. They lay an entire path where our IP address overlaps several other IPs. This helps us avoid getting tracked and allows us to search beyond our limits. They are mostly used to access the dark web.

1. Tor Browser

Tor Browser

Tor Browser is the number one option when it comes to the best dark web browsers. This browser is compatible with all platforms, even smartphones. Regarding security, Tor Browser establishes a completely secured network with several layers of fake IPs.

You can go completely anonymous and even access onion links and more. Moreover, it offers a clean interface with no complex configurations. These features make it worth keeping for a long time.

Download Tor

2. Subgraph OS

Subgraph OS

The subgraph is basically based on the Tor browser itself. Thus, you can expect similar security and service. Furthermore, it uses a multi-layer build, which increases the security level regarding your privacy and anonymity. Hence, it ensures a much safer experience for its users.

Another highlighted feature of this anonymous browser is the ‘container isolation settings.’ This feature helps identify vulnerabilities and overcome them.

Download Subgraph

3. I2P- Invisible Internet Project

I2P- Invisible Internet Project

The I2P browser is a bit different from the others. Rather, it is based on the tunneling system through which conversations occur between the sender and the receiver. The I2P browser was specially designed for holding anonymous conversations. All the communications are protected via end-to-end encryption. Thus, it leaves no gap to let your conversations get leaked.

Download I2P

4. Waterfox


Waterfox comes in the list of Firefox varieties unless its connectivity to Mozilla is turned off completely. However, since it comes from the firefox family, you would still be able to use certain plugins. Besides, it is a great platform for browsing anonymously.

It deletes all your data after every successful web surf, starting from search history to passwords. Waterfox detects and blocks all trackers and ensures a secured pathway. It is available for Windows as well as Android.

Download WaterFox

5. Tails


Similar to the Subgraph OS, the Tails browser is also based on the Tor network. However, tails come with further better features and can be operated even without any installation. Yes, you can access the browser directly from a USB or DVD. It offers more advanced cryptographic tools that make sure of your safety up to an extended level.

Moreover, to maximize security, it either shuts down or temporarily pauses your system’s OS while you are browsing. Thus, it is one of the best-trusted browsers for anonymously exploring the web.

Download Tails

From Editor’s Desk

Using the Dark Web Browser can help maintain your anonymity for sure. They take proper care of your privacy, your search histories, and further data. However, a dark web contains a lot more terrifying stuff that might even scare you. So, it’s recommended to have an overall idea about such browsers before you start using them.


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