Virtual meetings are a new normal and frankly, at this point, most people do not like to see you in your cluttered mess. It is always something going on in the background that is not appealing.

If you use Microsoft Teams for video meetings with your friends or official people, then it is time to give them a refresh and add a new element to your meets. By using some great Microsoft Teams Backgrounds for your next meetings, you can present yourself as an interesting personality and it also helps to relieve some of the stress that builds up in online meetings. 

In this guide, we list some of the best Microsoft Teams backgrounds that you can try in your next meeting to have a little fun.

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Best Microsoft Teams Backgrounds

1. The Office Conference Zoom

The Office is one of the most iconic sitcoms and you can get out laughs from people simply by adding this in the background for your Microsoft Teams meeting. It is from the conference room and the conference room has some of the most iconic moments in the show.  

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2. In the Outer Space

It doesn’t matter if you are a Star Wars fan; just having the galaxy as your background will never be out of fashion. The big rocks floating in outer space are just something you can use in your next meet, so make sure to use this next time. 

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3. Right in the Desert

Just feel like not living in the city and taking meetings anymore? Well, then you can teleport yourself to a desert and have a change of scenery. This is a great Microsoft Teams background. Simply by adding this, you can have an interesting conversation with other members in the meeting. Make sure to try this one out.

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4. The Luxurious Mansion

If you have watched Incredibles 2, you will immediately recognize this background as it is a super luxury mansion. And if you are feeling a bit luxurious and want to flex in front of your friends, then you can use this background.

Despite being from a Pixar movie, this one still looks stunning and almost real. Next time, just throw it on your screen and then see how people react to it.  

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5. The Windows Error Screen

This has to be one of the most ironically funny Microsoft Teams backgrounds on the list. Imagine having a background on a screen that shows that your PC can’t start. It is the Blue Screen of Death.

This could be a perfect icebreaker in a boring or serious meeting because people will ask why they are using this? That way, you can have exciting conversations.  

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6. Into the Wild 

Using nature in the background has to be one of the best Microsoft Teams backgrounds and that is why we have added this one to the list. It is just some stunning-looking green trees with some boulders. Overall, the background has a very classy appeal and it is a bit on the dark side. If you want to create an impression, this is the way to go. 

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7. Minimal but Cool 

Minimal aesthetics is what new trend in pop culture. Some people think that minimal means boring, which is incorrect on many levels. You can use this minimal yet very cool Microsoft Teams background for your next meet.

It gives you vibes as if you are in a Batman cave and the background looks futuristic. Any time you plan to have a conference of nerds, make sure to use this one. 

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8. Cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine 

Feeling a sassy little today, are you? If that’s the case, then there is nothing better than being on the cover of the Cosmopolitan Magazine. While you might have to go through many phases and even change careers to make it to the real cover, using one in an online meet is just a link away. So next time, make sure that you try this one out. 

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9. The Cloud 9 Store in the Background 

Talk about some of the most popular comedy shows of modern times and Superstore will be top of a lot of people’s lists. This is because of the funny scenes that happen daily in the Cloud 9 Superstore.

If you are a Cloud 9 Superstore fan, then this is something you can’t miss. Moreover, it would be great to have other fans at the meet.  

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10. Iconic Windows XP Background 

No person from the 90s can forget this iconic Windows XP wallpaper. This was one of the only wallpapers you could see on any PC for many years. It has a lot of memories associated with it so next time you are in a meeting, try using this one, and maybe it will bring out some funny or memorable moments people had with their first PCs. 

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