Improving technology has brought us some new and unique ways of taking care of our health and even investing in its betterment for the future. Sleep trackers are apps that use scientific techniques to measure your quality and quantity of sleep every night.

Sleep trackers may or may not use your health watch, and they can be tailored to the specific problems users face when attempting to sleep at night. 

Studies have shown that our sleep cycle directly affects our mood, digestion, cardiovascular health, aging process, etc. Taking care of our sleep cycle and having better sleep quality is important to avoid health issues.

With sleep trackers, you can track your sleep and know what’s affecting your sleep cycle and what you can do to improve your sleep. 

If you have a smartwatch or a fitness band, it will come with a sleep tracking feature, and you can track your sleep on their app. If you don’t have a fitness band or a smartwatch, you can also use your phone to track your sleep.

There are various sleep tracker apps available on the Play Store. Here we have listed the best sleep trackers for Android that will help you identify and change your toxic sleeping habits.

Best Sleep Tracker Apps for Android for an Uninterrupted Night

The best sleep tracker apps can give insights into your health and well-being. But the question is, which sleep tracker app to go for? Here are some best sleep tracker apps for Android that are worth considering. 

1. PrimeNap

The minimalist user interface and sleek design of this application are sure to amaze you. The application can not only track the number of hours you have slept but also snoring, movements, stages of sleep, etc. It can create amazing charts from recorded sleep statistics to give you an overview of your sleep throughout the night. 

At night, this phone will automatically dim your screen and put your phone to power saving to save the battery when you sleep. There is an additional feature of a dream journal with which you can regularly write and analyze your sleep. It has a library of sounds to help help you sleep better

2. Sleep Tracker

This app is often considered the best all-rounder to track sleep and sleep cycles. It can detect different levels of sleep and even noise, such as snoring, teeth grinding, sleep talking, etc., during your sleep. Your sleep data is arranged in charts; you can view monthly or weekly charts and track your sleep.

Sleep Tracker has some of the best sleep sounds in their library, which you can listen to when going to sleep. You can also write sleep notes and wake-up moods on this app. Sleep Tracker also has a smart alarm to wake you up during light sleep. 

3. Sleep Monitor

Are you looking for an application that can track different aspects of your sleep and help you relax better? Sleep Monitor is a scientifically designed application that not only helps users sleep better but also in meditating. This app allows you to take breaks and relax during massages and spa sessions.

Sleep Monitor has delightful noises such as Deep Forest, Rain In The City, and White Noise, which you can listen to before sleeping. You can even channel into some Sleep Stories available on this app. Sleep Monitor shows you your sleep score to help you better understand your sleep cycle. 

4. Sleep Cycle

This is a simple application that works more on the prevention front. It has an AI-inspired alarm clock that can wake you in light sleep. Sleep Cycle, as the name suggests, scores your sleep in different areas like sleep quantity, sleep cycle, and active versus deep sleep.

The sleep cycle provides users with the tools to improve their sleep routine. You can record sounds during your sleep and listen to them later. Set alarms to wake up or remind you to sleep. 

5. SleepScore

This underrated application uses the latest AI smart technology to detect different levels of sleep and cardiovascular activity. This application can detect different stages of sleep – light sleep, deep sleep, REM sleep, and awakenings.

The amazing thing about this application is that it rates your sleep on a score of 0 to 100. It creates detailed infographics on your sleeping habits over time if you use this application regularly. 

6. Sleepzy

This application comes up with creative bedtime rituals to promote good sleep. This application can even track your breathing rate to determine sleep quality. Sleepy also gives the score according to the number of hours the user has slept.

You can easily track your sleeping patterns and recognize what affects your sleep quality. You can set your sleep goal on this app and achieve it. Not only can you track your sleep but also your sleep debt. 

7. ShutEye

This app is completely dedicated to sleep tracking. It is great for patients, children, and students who want to balance good sleep with a busy life. During your sleep, ShutEye can detect sleep talking, snoring, sleep disturbances, farts, etc. 

This application lets you detect your sleeping habits over weeks and months. It sets a goal of 8 hours of sleep and gives you a score according to that. This application displays advanced sleep quality analysis and gives you tips to improve your sleep.

8. BetterSleep

If you want every day suggestions and guided content, BetterSleep is the app for you. This application has been recommended by neuropsychiatrists and neuropsychology experts. With a premium account, you can access unlimited audio designed to facilitate brain function.

This application can record your sleep timing as well. Along with audio, it also comes with bedtime stories for children and adults. You can preschedule the app to stop after a point and let your phone relax too!

9. Sleepwave

This sleep tracker helps you determine and promote your sleep habits and quality. This app has a collection of soothing sounds you can play for a deep REM sleep. You can inspect the sleep patterns, cycle time, and breathing rate chart.

This application is easy to use, and you can get the hang of it within a few days. It is a lightweight application. With all the features it comes with, Sleepwave is one of the best sleep tracker apps for Android you can go for. 

10. Alarm Clock Xtreme

Alarm Clock Xtreme believes in perfectly balancing productivity with well-being. This application comes with an easy-to-use interface that can let you track how many days of the week you have overslept, underslept, or overworked.

This app can track sleep disturbances, sleep quality, and your response to alarms throughout the week. It gives you a chance to alternate between gentle and strong alarms. However, this application cannot tune into the more sophisticated aspects of sleep health. 


Sleep tracker apps can greatly benefit any user who wants to improve those sleep cycles to have better and more productive days. Sleep tracker apps also shed light on those aspects of our sleep that one cannot know without additional technology help. If you are looking for the best sleep tracker apps for Android, refer to the list above. 


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