Hello guys, Here I come with a very interesting and common topic that is “How to delete undeletable files or folders in windows system”. I am sure all of us have faced this problem in our life. This kind of error may be the cause of malware, spyware, adware, and some system program. Because sometimes our computer system used our file in the background that why we can’t able to delete our files or folders.

Always try to clean your system from junk files or irrelevant files who occupy unnecessary space on your system. So let’s check how we can deal with this problem. I’ll provide you with two methods, both methods are useful and working. After reading this article you have not to need to look for this problem anywhere else. In the case, you have any queries after reading this article then leave your comment in the comment section.

#Method 1: Using Command Prompt

Delete Undeletable Files and Folders in Windows

Command Prompt is a fantastic tool in windows that can fix the majority of your problems with just a command. Well, today in this method, we will guide you on how you can fix undeletable file issues.

Before we run commands you must restart your computer because there is a strong possibility that your file location might be in use by windows program. So whenever we restart our computer, all programs which run in the background are stopped. After the restart, browse your file location and delete the file or folder. If the problem still continues then follow our below steps.

Step 1: Open “Command Prompt” Option

There are two ways to open a command prompt the first is that you can click on the start button and type “CMD” or “Command Prompt” in the search bar or you can press “Window key + R” and type “CMD” “Command Prompt” without any quotation marks.

Step 2: Run as administrator

This step is for those you are using the first option to open “CMD” or “Command Prompt”. So when you write “CMD” in a search bar it will show you cmd option just right click on it and choose run as administrator option.

Note: This method will not work if you don’t run Command Prompt in Administrator mode.

Step 3: Type the Command

The black window will pop up on your computer where you will type your command. The command is “del /F /Q /A C:\\users\\Your username\\ your file location\\ Name of the file you want to delete”.

Let me explain these command meaning in a simple way.

  • /F – The meaning of F is “Force deleting of read-only files”.
  • /Q – Q stands for “Quiet Mode” which means the computer will never ask anything when you click ok to delete.
  • /A – A stand for “Select files to delete”
  • C:\\users\\ – type this command as it is because we all know C is the main part of a computer where C drive contains the operating system and all the files of the window who helps to run the window.
  •  Your Username\\ – Here you need to type your computer user name for example- “Bisht Family” this is my username and you also get idea from the above image.
  • Your file location\\ – I think most of you have already understood but some of you are confused then don’t worry. See you just have to type your file location for ex- “Desktop” as you can see on the above image so if you file is in somewhere else then type that name.
  • Your Filename – The last step where you just type your file name which you want to delete. For. eg. if your filename is “sample.txt” in Drive Z, then you must type “del /F /Q /A Z:\\sample.txt”.

Step 4: Hit Enter

The last and very easy step is “hit Enter” after tying all the commands correctly you just need to press enter button and your folder or file will be gone for forever.

Steps To Delete a Folder That Won’t Delete [SOLVED] Windows 7/8/10 (Video Tutorial)

#Method 2: Using an Application

Using an application is much easiest way to delete the undeletable file or folder in a second. If you are facing this problem and you really want to delete the folders then don’t worry about it. You just have to download an application which will help you to delete the undeletable folders. But the main point is which software is good for this so don’t worry just follow the below steps. And you will delete folders from your computer.

Step 1: Download an application

There is so many application on the internet for deleting a malware folder from the computer. We are using Unlocker because this application is safe for use. If you need more options then research on the internet there are a lot more options available like BitRaser, File Assassin, and Lock Hunter.

Unlocker Download link: Click for Download Unlocker

Step 2: Run the application

Now double click on the application to install after installing just simply click on the icon. The application will show you a pop-up box that asks you to Browse your files or folders which you want to delete.

Step 3: Delete the file from your computer

If you select the folder which you want to delete then just select the action which you want to perfume and click ok.

So this is how you can delete all the undeletable folder on your windows machines. We know how irritating these undeletable folders can get. So don’t worry now. Share this article with your friends who might get benefit from it. BBookmark our site for more such articles.


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