After making a tweet recommending his followers to try Signal, Elon Musk, the world’s richest man seems to be financially helping the platform too. He revealed that he donated to Signal a year ago, and will be doing more in the future. After all, Signal is gaining pickup in recent times since it’s more secure the WhatsApp.

Elon Musk Helps Signal Financially

Elon Musk Reveals to Donate Funds to Signal For Making it BetterFew days after Elon Musk tweeting about it, Signal is picking up rapidly in terms of the userbase. While the exact count isn’t revealed yet, the community vibe is enough to estimate that at least a few million followers may have already tried this platform.

Now, Signal may pickup even better since Elon Musk revealed to pledge more funds to the platform, to make it better. While it’s touted to be having the best privacy and security protocols, it’s UI and UX have to be improved a lot to be liked by users. And exactly, a follower if Elon Musk has asked him to invest in the app, so as to make it better.

To which, Musk replied “Already donated to Signal a year ago. Will donate more.” This is anticipated, as Musk would do something that’s always beneficial to the public. And supporting Signal means indirectly drawing users from WhatsApp, which is currently the largest instant messenger by userbase with over two million users.

WhatsApp’s recent changes made to its privacy policy has even shaken the community and made some users turn to alternatives like Signal and Telegram. While Musk didn’t have any grudge on WhatsApp directly, he accused Facebook several times in the past for various reasons, and even suggested his followers delete it!

Now, he’s onto supporting Signal for secure communications, which is really helpful and available on several platforms, and better than Telegram and WhatsApp in terms of privacy.


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