While WhatsApp’s facing heat over its updated privacy policy, its alternatives Signal and Telegram are gaining traction rapidly.

WhatsApp users are switching to either of the platforms to safeguard their chats from prying eyes like Facebook. But, how safe are Signal and Telegram though? Here’s our guide to learn more about them. Checkout;

Signal Vs Telegram


1.) Privacy Policies

Signal and Telegram collects the basic identifiable data like your name, phone number, and IP address while logged in. This is to ensure you’re on the right path and verify. And of course, they may share this data if they’re enforced by law. Thus, keeping fewer data with them is good.

That gives Signal a point over Telegram, since Telegram is a cloud-based service, and stores your chats in their servers, which can be decrypted and handed over to police if asked. On the other hand, Signal doesn’t store any of your data and backs up chats to your local storage only if asked.

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2.) Security

Both Signal and Telegram promise the same in securing your chats, i.e; through end-to-end encryption solutions. Both having their own encryption protocols, like Signal’s Signal (TextSecure) protocol and Telegram’s MTProto. Taking about track records, both Telegram and Signal have clean chits.

In terms of chats, Signal encrypts your chats with the other Signal users by default, but Telegram doesn’t. Well, it has a secret chat option to hide the chats, encrypt and even make them disappear later, just as Signal has.

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3.) Features and Flexibility

Telegram here gets a super niche over Signal since it’s more user friendly with a lot of customization options. While both Telegram and Signal lets you change the chat fonts, theme, etc.

Telegram lets you do this with colors too. Moreover, Signal is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. And Telegram, it’s available as a web extension besides the general clients.

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