Just a couple of weeks after reinstating his Twitter account, Elon Musk booted Kanye West from the platform today – citing policy violations.

After a controversial interview last night where West praised Hitler, he posted pictures of Swastika and the Star of David on Twitter. All these contributed to ditching from the platform – which Musk later confirmed as they were against the platform’s policies.

Kanye West Booted From Twitter

As if Musk isn’t enough to make Twitter controversial, the famous rapper Kanye West joins the list with his anti-semitic posts. Yesterday, West, in an interview, praised Adolf Hitler multiple times and why he liked him.

As if these statements didn’t trigger controversy, he later posted pictures of Nazi Swastika and the Star of David on his Twitter handle. This triggered even more anger in the community, with some making fun of the incident while others accused him otherwise.

Well, these statements from West are against Twitter’s policies, which led to the suspension of his account soon after. In a responding tweet to Kim Dotcom, Elon Musk said he “tried his best” to keep West following Twitter rules, but the rapper didn’t listen.

And since he violated the platform policies, Musk booted him off! This isn’t the first time Kanye West was suspended from Twitter – but an earlier incident in October too had his account held for weeks until Musk allowed him again alongside Donald Trump.

In the meantime, both West and Trump have come up with their respective social media ideas – with West proposing to purchase the Parler app and Trump making a new one called Truth Social. While the latter is still running, the former deal was dropped just yesterday.

Although Musk promised to set up a new moderation council with diverse people’s views for making critical decisions, this doesn’t seem to be working anyway – as Twitter’s former manager said Musk alone would make all the decisions, sometimes ignoring the others.


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