With over 470 million users, Spotify is among the best online and offline music player apps. Spotify can do that because of its brilliant user interface and experience. And most importantly, it has millions of tracks from all over the globe.

Along with music, Spotify is also providing podcasts. By far, around 40 million people from the USA only love to listen to any podcast on Spotify. So you can assume these huge numbers.

However, many users are facing not working problems with Spotify podcasts on the Windows system. If you are one of them, then we have got you. Here’s the guide on how to fix Spotify podcasts not working on Windows.

How to Fix Spotify Podcasts Not Working on Windows

Thus, the problem has arrived in the room, and there are many ways to keep the issue out of the door. However, mentioned methods are super easy to follow. So without any delay, let’s dive deep into fixing Spotify podcasts not working on Windows.

1. Restart Windows

Would you believe it or not, restarting the Windows system fix half of the problem in every possible way. So performing any complex troubleshooting, first restart the system and then restart the app as well.restart computer windows 11

After restart, the system can allocate sufficient memory, RAM, and CPU for smooth playing time on Spotify. Even restarting helps to remove temporary corrupt bugs and glitches.

2. Clear Cache Spotify App

Corrupted caches are not determined as the essentials. So clearing out the cache can save you. But clearing the cache on Spotify on Windows is different from mobile apps. So follow this process.

  1. Open Run tool > type

    hit enter or Ok. (Ensure you exit from Spotify App).

  2. Once you land on the storage folder of Spotify, select all files and folders.
  3. Now delete all files and folders; it will clear out all saved data as well. You have to sign in from the beginning, but it will allow listening to your favorite podcast on Spotify.

Alternative Way

  1. Open the Spotify app > click on Account > select Settings.
  2. Now click Clear cache.
  3. And confirm the clearing by clicking on Clear cache.

3. Update Spotify App

If you are using an outdated Spotify app on Windows, then chances are good to deal with such issues. So updating the is the best solution because it makes the app more compatible with the Windows system.

  1. Press Windows > search for Microsoft Store > Open Microsoft Store.
  2. Then, search for the Spotify app via the search bar. And click on Spotify.
  3. Here you can see whether your app is updated or not. If it has not been updated until now, then click on the update button.

4. Sign Out and Sign In Spotify Account

Sometimes the problem lies under the account. Therefore, you can log out of the device and login back. Even it helps to fix all account-related issues.

Steps to log out

  1. Open the Spotify app. And click on the Account button.
  2. Now click on the logout button.

Steps to log in

  1. Open the Spotify App, and click on the login button.
  2. Now submit your login credentials to log in.

5. Reinstall Spotify App

All of these methods are not working out for you. Thus, you should consider uninstalling the Spotify app and installing it again. This is surely a significant fix for Spotify podcasts not working on Windows. Here’s what you need to follow.

Steps to Uninstall Spotify

  1. Press Windows > Settings > Apps > Installed Apps.
  2. Now find the Spotify app, and click on the three dots.
  3. Now click on the Uninstall button.
  4. Next, click on Uninstall once again to confirm.

Steps to Install Spotify

  1. Press Windows > search Microsoft Store > Open it.
  2. Next, search for Spotify using the search bar. And click on it.
  3. Now click on the Get button to install. After installing sign in to your account to listen to your desired podcast.

6. Check the Internet Connection

Spotify podcast is not working in Windows could be a reason for an unstable internet connection. Ensure you have strong and moderate high-speed internet to load Spotify content and its player.

If you have an issue with your internet connection, then you can contact your internet service providers. Even you can restart the modem once to boost internet speed.

7. Turn on Background Apps Permission for Spotify

Are you giving permission to perform Spotify in the background? If you are not allowing it, then the Spotify podcast is not playing issue show up. Let’s fix this issue.

  1. Press Windows > Settings > Apps > Installed apps.
  2. Next, search Spotify, click on the three-dot and choose Advance options.
  3. Now select Always from the dropdown menu on Background apps permissions.

8. Disable VPN and Proxy Network

VPN and Proxy network users often face such issues with service-based standalone apps, not Spotify. As VPN and proxy server route the network on its server and IP. Thus, Spotify failed to recognize your IP and locations. Therefore, Spotify podcasts stopped working on your Windows system.

9. Check Spotify Server

If the problem has occurred in the Spotify server itself, then you can face a podcast not working error. Even you can’t play music as well.

But how do you check Spotify server status? Well, it is as simple as checking WhatsApp status.

  1. Visit, Downdetector on your system’s browser.
  2. Now search for Spotify; it will show you the current server status of Spotify. If you find any outage problem, then hold for a while. It will ok by Spotify server management engineers.

10. Contact Spotify Support Team

After following all shared methods, the problem remained the same. Then time to contact Spotify support teams. Go through all their shared tutorial and fix

Even you can use the Spotify forum in this regard. You can also ask any relevant question to get a helping hand.

Final Words

A podcast is a new form to get information and entertainment. And Spotify podcast is hugely popular. Hence, Spotify has been designed for all devices. Windows OS is no exception. Applying all shared methods on how to fix Spotify podcasts not working on Windows will help you. If you still face any problems, let me know in the comment section.


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