DHgate.com is a foreign resource (business-to-business, Business-to-consumer cross-border e-commerce marketplace) run by a Chinese company that is registered in Beijing. Basically, they do not give a trading service to the client but only associate the client with the sellers.

Here you will get a wide variety of products at very low prices. You can buy anything you want, from men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, accessories to telephones, computers, and other digital equipment. Also, here you can buy auto parts, design items, musical instruments, including handmade items. Anyway, if you are about to buy something from here and are confused about whether to go for it or not, then read our detailed review on this website.

What Is DHgate? 

DHGate company was started back in 2004. However, you may be happy after knowing that the founder of the project is a businesswoman. She is also the current executive director; her name is Diana Wang. However, then the idea of representing small and medium-sized businesses was immediately appreciated by users worldwide. 

What is DHgate? Is DHgate Legit, Safe, And Reliable?In Dhgate, you can sell your products almost directly, without paying for the rental of sales areas and paying interest to multiple mediators. According to our source, around 650,000 suppliers are currently registered on the DHgate with over 20 million items.

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Is DHgate Reliable And Safe? Are There Any Chances Of Getting Scammed?

Talking about the safety and reliability of the DHgate, it may vary depending upon the buyer, whether he is buying the item for personal use or for resale. However, there is a buyer protection feature available in the DHgate. Fortunately, talking about the overall reviews that are coming from users worldwide is very overwhelming.

Is StockX LegitWell, this is because their customer service and product quality are very good. Also, there is an authority of item received service that makes sure that no buyer charged twice for any product. DHgate also takes that the buyer will receive the refunds or contact customer service quickly whenever they need it. So, suppose accidentally if you receive fakes or poor quality items, you can simply apply for a refund.

Yeah! There are chances that you get scammed by any seller, but as always, you first need to verify the seller and read the reviews that buyers previously made. However, if there is no review available, then do not ever order anything from that seller because it is possible that they scam you by sending the wrong product.

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Is DHgate a Legit Website? 

Yeah! The DHgate is absolutely one hundred percent legit and safe to use. The reason is simple: buyer protection and refund policy. In addition, they also give you a valid tracking number to easily track your product.

So, if you are thinking of buying something from DHgate, then after verifying the seller, go for it. Also, you will get your product at a very lower price here. Further, if you don’t like it, simply return it, and within 3-working days you will get your refund.

How Much Time Does IT Take To Ship/Deliver a Product?

How Much Time Does It Take To Ship Your ProductsNow, the most important thing that every buyer is curious to know about. So, talking about how much time does it take to ship and deliver your product at your doorstep is 20-25 working days; depending upon the location and current Covid situation, it may take more time.

Another reason why it takes more time to ship your product is that it is shipped and delivered by ePacket or China Post. But, in case you want fast delivery, then you need to spend a few more bucks. But, once you pay for it, it will reach you lightning-fast.

Why Are The Products So Cheap? 

Why Are Items So Cheap on WishThere are many reasons behind the cheap rate of any product in DHgate. However, some of them are as follows: 

  1. You buy your product directly from the manufacturer and not from any mediator.
  2. Also, in case you are buying in a bulk quantity.
  3. Well, not all products are legit here. So, there is a possibility that you are looking at a counterfeit or fraudulent seller.
  4. As the products are manufactured in China; therefore, the production cost is very low in comparison to the rest of the world. This is because the raw material, labors, taxes, etc., prices are very low in China.

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Details About Refund And Return Process

Look, there are a few incidences where you’ll not get any refund; therefore, let us first cover them: 

  • In case the seller’s promise time period has expired.
  • You have already confirmed the delivery before complaining to DHgate.
  • The seller didn’t make any promise regarding the refund on the product page.

However, if you have a valid reason to convince the support team, you’ll surely get your refund. So, to get your refund, you can follow these steps: 

  1. Open the DHgate and go to the My Orders
  2. Then, locate and click on the Open a Dispute.
  3. Now, select a valid reason for why you want a refund.
  4. That’s it. Finally, hit the Submit button to confirm your action. 

Once it is approved, you have to send the product back to the seller, and after that, you’ll get your refund. 

How To Avoid Getting Scammed on DHgate? 

Although there are very few chances of getting scammed on DHgate, still recently, many cases have become spotlighted as users started reporting various types of scams on this platform. So, on our own experience, we have created a list of remedies that you need to take care of. Therefore, let’s take a look at them: 

  1. The first thing, as we always said, is to check customers’ reviews and feedback before buying any product. 
  2. Cross-check the seller’s profile before ordering something. 
  3. One thing that you need to keep in your mind is never confirm delivery before receiving the product. 
  4. Always deal within the application or website; do not ever deal outside it. 
  5. Make sure to take a look at the negative reviews as they are really important. 
  6. If the seller is new, then we recommend you do not make any big orders at the first time. 

From Author’s Desk

So, that is all we have for you on our honest review on the DHgate.com online shopping platform. We hope you now have an idea of how this works. However, use our comment box and let us know what your experience is with this platform. 


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