Social media has to be one of the most remarkable developments of our era. It has completely changed the way people interact and greet each other. With many social media platforms available, people can easily interact with diverse people. Despite many social media platforms available worldwide, Instagram is still one of the best. 

It has photos, short videos, comment interaction, messaging, stories, and a complete package. So many people prefer using Instagram over other social media channels. If you are someone who uses Instagram a lot, then you must have heard about Picuki. This app allows people to download images and videos, view private accounts, etc., without logging in. 

It is an excellent app if you want to stay anonymous and do some activities on Instagram. However, Picuki isn’t the only one. There are many great Picuki alternatives available in the market right now. This guide will show you the best alternatives for Picuki available right now. 

Best Picuki Alternatives or Sites Like Picuki

1. Gramhir

GramhirJust like Picuki, Gramhir is also an Instagram viewer and a great one too. However, this goes beyond a simple Instagram tool. It also comes with a powerful analyzer tool. You can view Instagram posts, download content, and like and comment on them. 

The analyzer tool also shows who unfollowed you, the posts with the most engagement, etc. You can post to multiple accounts and save your hashtags if you have multiple accounts. Brands can also use this tool to analyze the competition. 

Use it!

2. Inflact

InflactIf you are looking for the best Picuki alternatives, there is nothing better than Inflact. It is one of the most recommended Instagram viewing apps on the Google Play Store. The app is quite simple to use, and it has a spotless interface. 

Unlike Picuki, this app is free, and you can seamlessly download any content from any public Instagram profile. Just like Picuki, you can view all the Instagram accounts you want. So if you are blocked by someone, this might help you. 

Use it!

3. StoriesDown

StoriesDownStoriesDown has to be one of the best Picuki alternatives out there. Like Picuki, you do not have to log in on this platform and don’t need to create any user account. 

All you need to do is enter the username and get all the public posts they posted. It takes a few seconds to find an account and publicly download everything they have posted. It is a tool any Instagram user can have. 

Use it!

4. SmiHub

SmiHubEver see someone’s Instagram DP and feel like you need it badly? Well, SmiHub is going to come in handy for such needs. It is a simple Instagram profile pic downloader with a simple interface. This tool seamlessly allows you to download high-quality images from any Instagram account you want. 

Using this app, you can also visit any public Instagram account anonymously. You can also quickly download photos, videos, or stories on Instagram. One remarkable feature of the app is its powerful research tool. It allows you to do all sorts of analyses of your brand. So make sure to check it out. 

Use it!

5. InstaXYZ

InstaXYZNext up on the list is InstaXYZ, and this is another excellent Instagram downloader tool you can use. All you have to do is make a few simple clicks, and you can download the photos and videos of your choice. 

It is available as a web app and is entirely free to use. The best part is that it does not have annoying popups or dark pattern ads that lure you. Just like Picuki, you can get a lot done with this tool.

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6. IGLookup

IGLookupWith a clean interface and a ton of cool features, IGLookup is one of the best Picuki alternatives. You can browse through the entire Instagram of someone without having to log in. 

It even allows you to watch users’ private profiles without sending them a request. So that is a remarkable feature. 

Use it!

7. Watchinsta

WatchinstaWatchinsta is another great tool to download someone’s public or private Instagram photos. It is a web-based tool that works seamlessly on any device with an internet browser. The site is entirely free and doesn’t even require any registration. 

This is also a rare platform that receives frequent updates from developers, so it has many great features. All it needs is an Instagram username to validate the account, and that’s it!

Use it!

8. InstaDP

InstaDPIf you like to download a lot of stuff from Instagram, then InstaDP is the perfect option for you. With this tool, you can not only download photos and videos, but you can download Instagram Reels as well. 

There is an exciting feature where you can collect stories from different accounts and make them like a Pinterest wall. So make sure to check it out. 

Use it!


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