Let’s admit it; technology has become an integral part of life. Be it communication with others or shopping for groceries online. But in both instances, we need SMS to communicate effectively for business and personal use.

Since SMS is a mainstream communication method, we often forget to send an important SMS for an important issue on time. But fret not anymore. You can schedule your SMS soon. With the help of the best SMS scheduler apps for android and iOS, you can set a beautiful message to deliver on the right occasion.

Best SMS Scheduler Apps for Android and iOS

You can find several apps for SMS scheduling on the Play Store and App Store. But all of them can’t deliver your requirement sometimes. Thus, we have shortlisted the best free SMS scheduler for you.

1. Auto Text: Auto SMS & WhatsApp (Do it Later)

Auto Text Auto SMS & WhatsApp

First and foremost, Do it Later is one of the popular text message schedule and auto-reply text messages apps. The ideal app can schedule your SMS on different platforms, such as WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, Telegram, Instagram, Signal, and SMS.

The app lets you create a custom text message to respond immediately while busy with other work. For the SMS marketer, the app will be more useful for setting recurring periods of text messages.

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2. Auto Message

Auto Message

With over 500K downloads, Auto Message is a superb scheduling app. Using the app, you can send SMS automatically, respond to your call, and even reply to your SMS automatically in less time.

Apart from this, you can customize your SMS in different matters and times. The auto-reply phone call is simple and sends a custom text to the next person. Moreover, you can also schedule your email, which is an additional point.

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3. SMS Scheduler

SMS Scheduler

SMS Scheduler is a handy app to schedule your SMS conveniently. The app is simple and basic to look like but very powerful when sending SMS on time.

You can take help from this powerful app to schedule an SMS that you want to send shortly. The app is not versatile like other apps, but the app is well-enough in what it does. If I talk about UI, it is very simple to use.

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4. Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS

Next on the list, Pulse SMS, offered by Maple Media, is one of the best SMS scheduler apps for android. You can schedule SMS for later using this feature-rich app – schedule your message and enjoy.

Moreover, the app offers other features, such as spam blocking and private conversation. It has a smart reply feature that will create an automatic message for you to reply back.

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5. Choms SMS

Choms SMS

Choms SMS is one of the most popular apps on the play store, with over 10 million installations, 351K reviews, and 4.1 ratings. The app provides an SMS scheduling service for personal and professional use.

The feature-rich app has added many useful features which make the app unique from others. You can use light and dark themes. It gives us full freedom to control all sending messages.

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6. Scheduled – Plan Text SMS

Scheduled - Plan text messages

Without the Scheduled-Plan Text SMS, the list of best SMS scheduler apps for iPhones and iPads will be incomplete. The app lets you conveniently connect with the iMessage to schedule a text message. Even you can connect with WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, and email.

Besides all these handy features, you can use its SMS reminder to send a beautiful SMS on a big occasion and event. Otherwise, you can archive and skip messages as per your requirements.

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7. SKEDit


SKEDit is another considerable app that can schedule your SMS effectively. If you often forget to repeatedly deliver important SMS, SKEDit could be a savior for you.

Along with SMS, you can integrate the app with WhatsApp and Telegram. Moreover, you can send unlimited SMS and add unlimited recipients. In addition, the app has an autoresponder.

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8. Textra SMS

Textra SMS

Textra SMS is an exceptional app for scheduling your SMS. The app consists of many notable features with SMS scheduling. You will see the MMS sender as well.

Its theme and style are the key elements of the app. You have more than 180 designs with colors, fonts, bubbles & app icon colors. Overall, the highly appreciated app is really good for scheduling SMS.

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9. Handcent Next SMS

Handcent Next SMS

At the bottom, we have a well-known SMS scheduling app, Handcent Next SMS. It has all the necessary SMS scheduling features with the utmost privacy protection.

You can find many emojis, gifs, and stickers to make your text more expressive. Even you can personalize the text with texts, fonts, colors, and many more. It has 200 themes to choose from. All-in-all, a good handy app that can help to schedule SMS.

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Final Words

That’s covered up – everything you need to know about the best SMS scheduler apps for Android and iOS. Which one are you picking to schedule SMS? Let me know in the comment.


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