Twitter’s former head of trust and safety, Yoel Roth, in an interview, revealed that he no longer believes that Twitter is safer after Musk’s takeover.

Further, his team has even warned Musk about the rushy rollout of the new Blue subscription, but Musk ignored them. He settled by warning that a lack of veteran policy and safety employees would hurt Twitter soon.

Twitter isn’t Safe Anymore

Over the past month, Twitter has been at the center of news with several developments – mostly triggered by Elon Musk, who acquired it in late October. He reinstated some of the controversial accounts, fired half of the staff, and rolled out a revamped Blue subscription that triggered severe impersonation effects.

All these actions were warned of dire consequences, but Musk reportedly ignored them – says Yoel Roth, Twitter’s former head of trust and safety. In his first public interview after coming out of Twitter, Roth said he doesn’t believe Twitter is safer since Musk’s takeover.

Though he was initially optimistic about Musk’s plans, he eventually turned out to watch the developments. Roth cited a coordinated trolling campaign that caused racist slurs on Twitter ever since Musk took over.

Shutting down the public communications team and only pointing at his own (Musk) tweets to let the community know about the company’s developments is outrageous. Musk had earlier stated that he would set up a moderation council to make major policy decisions at Twitter but ignored it to make decisions on his own.

Further, Roth said his team had warned Musk of the severe consequences of the botched rollout of the Blue subscription and the new verification system, but Musk ignored it anyway. “It went exactly off the rails in the way that we anticipated, and there weren’t the safeguards that needed to be in place to address it upfront”.

These sayings come at a time where Musk is preparing to relaunch the Blue subscription as he desired. Though he stated that different accounts would have different colored badges, and some manual verification for certain important accounts, the process is still not trustable.


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