Receiving help from all the ways possible, the Ukrainian government has started accepting cryptocurrency donations for aiding its fight against Russia.

And in less than two days, the Ukrainian government has raised over $10 million worth of cryptocurrency from around the world. This is combined with the NGO donations that received earlier, summing up to more than $16 million worth of cryptocurrency.

Crypto Donations to Ukraine

As Ukraine decided not to give up against the unfair Russian invasion, the country has yesterday set up two cryptocurrency wallets to receive help through digital money donations. While one wallet accepts Bitcoin, the other accepts Ether and Tether coins.

And as per Elliptic, both wallets have received cryptocurrencies worth $10.2 million in just a couple of days! This is huge and shows how Ukraine is relying on the worldwide cryptocurrency community’s support and the donors’ interest in supporting them.

This donation is on top of local NGO funds received to support the Ukrainian military. One among them is Come Back Alive, an NGO that provides equipment to the Ukrainian military that has raised millions of crypto donations since 2018. Most of it came in the recent days, after the Russian invasion.

Elliptic said all these donations are now worth over $16.7 million. And about $1.86 million in the $10.2 million worth cryptocurrencies raised is from the generated through the NFT sales, which are actually intended to raise funds for Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder.

The Ukrainian military has earlier stated that it won’t accept the payments made to them in other means, like Webmoney, Bitcoin PayPal, etc. But it seems to have tweaked the saying as it needed help in whatever means possible.

We’ve already seen Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister requesting global tech giants to block their services to Russian people, and even social media platforms voluntarily laying rules to Russian regions, all for managing the situation to be good.


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